May 17, 2012

Skillet Spiced Chicken & Rice

Friendsies, I made Spiced Chicken and Rice for dinner last week and it was REALLY GOOD. If the recipe was from my cookbook collection, I’d write out the recipe all nice for you right here, but the recipe comes from the Williams-Sonoma website, so it just seems silly for me to write it down AGAIN. So go over and check it out if you want to MAKE A REALLY AWESOME DINNER.

A couple of notes.

Make it on a day when you have time to grate your lemon zest and ginger and whatnot. Don’t try to throw it together 15 minutes before you want to eat it.

I did everything they said to do EXCEPT (there’s always an ‘except’ with me…):

I used boneless, skinless THIGHS, not breasts, because I’m afraid of cooking with chicken breasts and I think chicken thigh meat is the more reliable, juicy, impossible-to-mess-up choice.

Also, I only used a 1/2 teaspoon of salt AND THAT WAS PLENTY. I think using the whole teaspoon would have been too salty.

And as you can see, I used regular raisins, not golden raisins. I think that’s totally ok.

We ate this two days in a row! Julia loved it! It was awesome and you should make it! Or not. Free will, you know.


  1. This making so HUNGRY! Will have to try this recipe out.

    1. It's a great recipe Michaele, we really loved it!!

  2. I love rice and am always looking for new, great ways to prepare it - this looks so good, Melissa! Perfect for the cold nights we've been having here in Sao Paulo.

  3. So, like a week later, I have a question-- I've been thinking about this recipe since I first read the post, but do you think it'd work with brown rice? I'm not super at knowing how to adapt for things like that.

    Also, I kind of need to know why you are scared of chicken breasts, again, I've been wondering about this too-- but if it's gonna make me paranoid to cook with them then just don't tell me-- make up a reason, anything will do. Perhaps you got in a fight with a chicken once and now when you see chicken breasts it brings up bad memories?

    1. I'm gratified that this skillet rice post is promoting Deep Thoughts a week later! :) Brown rice, not sure, not sure. I think brown rice needs a longer cooking time in general, so that might mess with the chicken cooking time. My deal with chicken breasts is that turn your head, boom flash! dry chicken. it overcooks in a heartbeat. It scares me. I'm afraid. BE AFRAID. I like chicken breasts for chicken salad and when I cut it into strips for chicken katsu and that's it. Afraid of it for anything else!

    2. Also, I am a scaredy-cat. Here I am, maligning the poor chicken breast, reacting out of superstition and fear. Don't be afraid! There. Now you don't know what to do, do you?