May 29, 2012

Pretty Cork Stamps
Summer couscous salad   sundaysuppers

A rope swing is my ultimate summer fantasy.
I know, I know.....
It's technically not summer for about another month....

But I feel so inspired by these images that I've pinned to my Summery Pinterest board that I have to share them with you now. Because I really, really want to:

~make this Strawberry Cheesecake from Creature Comforts
~wade through 60 Summer Activities for Kids
~paint a bright mural on our fence with Miss Julia (via Apartment Therapy)
~eat corn couscous salad (recipe from Sunday Suppers)
~try my hand at these divine looking mini peach pies I saw over at Coeur de La
~read 'The Summer Book' by Tove Jansson (author of my beloved Moomin books)
~and imbue our summer with the vibe that comes from this extraordinary picture. (via Earl Grey Skies)

(As you can see, a lot of my summer fun revolves around food. And books. Oh -- Julia and I are rip roaring excited to see this movie. She wants her own bow and arrow! I love that Princess Merida is now her favorite heroine.)


  1. The mural on the fence. Fantastic! Now I must find a fence to paint! The neighbors won't mind, right?

    1. Isn't that great? I think your neighbors should thank you if you and the girlies made them something beautiful :)

  2. Why not paint on the fence??? I love that so much! and did you know that you're constantly making me hungry over here? Oh I love peaches so much... peach season is my favorite :)

    1. A great peach is hands down, my favorite fruit. I can't wait for peach season! I love food, I make myself hungry as well, hee hee :)

  3. I agree with Robyn, both your sites always make me hungry!! You're a closet food blogger :). Ok, Brave!! Can't wait either-- except I am trying to decide if cuteness is old enough to go in and sit through the whole movie (because once she starts wandering, what's the point?). I seem to be the one that has babysitting duty while the older girls get a date with daddy. Maybe I'll try to switch that this time.

    1. Oh my goodness Whitney you are more right than you know -- I was REALLY torn when I started blogging whether or not I wanted to just have it be food, but I figured there were already so many (ha like there aren't just so many blogs in general) -- but I've basically turned this into a strange hybrid blog assortment of topics anyway -- I get bored with stuff quickly and I can't just talk about any ONE thing!

      When J is older the 'book' part of this blog is probably going to turn into 'cookbook'!


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