June 29, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

Ohhh....I am trying....so much....to not complain about the weather....some of you are sweltering.....but GAH I CAN'T DO IT, have to complain just a tiny little bit! I recently told a fellow blogger that I think I've turned weather-complaining into a full time hobby, or maybe a competitive sport. Kids around here are still wearing winter coats at times! Weather, I'd settle for 75. I think we've hit 75 maybe twice so far this year. I'm not even asking for 80's. Last weekend I kid you not, it rained so hard it was alarming, (alarming I tell you!) and my umbrella turned inside out. But hey look! Pretty flowers! At least the flowers know it's summer.

Somewhat summery COOL STUFF:

The best fort roundup ever.

DIY summer camp at home.

Awesome goody bags!

LOVE this rug from Land of Nod.

Technicolor Kitchen = food + movies = awesome. (My sweet bloggy friend Patricia makes the best sweet treats!)

Cover Music for Kids.

Tiny Mini Kites.

S'mores Bars.

If you haven't experienced an Edna Lewis cobbler recipe, you haven't tasted summer. Yes, almost 2 sticks of butter.

Independence Day cake with Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Hinky-Pink' by Megan McDonald and Brian Floca. Very cool library find! Julia had super fun with this story about a talented seamstress who's been charged with making the local spoiled princess a fab dress in short order. She could manage it if not for the Hinky-Pink, a vexing sprite who has to have its bed done up just so, or it pinches and won't let the poor seamstress rest. Will the Hinky-Pink get its bed? Will seamstress Anabel get any sleep? Will the princess get her dress? High drama!

Have a lovely weekend! I guess I should start thinking about the 4th coming up. Or more to the point, what kind of desserty to make. Cobbler? Pie? Crisp? I have cherries in the freezer, I guess that's my answer. Cherry pie, yo!

(And thanks so much to all of our new friends who liked us on Facebook and joined up with our silliness here. I so appreciate you all taking the time to hang out with us!)



  1. That collection of forts (and the blog where you found them) may be my new favorite things. So wonderful!!! And I love those goody bags... that's got me thinking for birthdays, I love it. And I want to buy all three of those mini kites. I do, I really do.

    And the hinky pink sounds like a fantastic fun book!

    1. Fox in the Pine is a way cool blog, love all the treesy woodsy-ness!!! And the Hinky Pink is so cute, you'd love it. XO

  2. So many good things this week!!!

    • Those forts rock! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I love seeing all of those camping tents pitched in the library. What a fun sleepover!

    • I MUST get my hands on some of those mini kites. My kids would love them!

    • Marshmallow frosting!!! My hubby would loooooove that.

    Okay, off to pin all of these like a mad woman. Here's hoping you get some sunshine this weekend and we get some cool weather! :)

    • Does anything even need to be said about the fabulousness of a s'mores bar?

    1. You know what I do with these lists right? It's ALL stuff I truly love but haven't pinned yet!

      The FORTS. amazing.

  3. I want a big, beautiful old library to camp in! Not fair.

    Aww, I love Renee and Jeremy. I still need to check that one out.

    And seriously, if I send you some of our sun, maybe we'll balance out!

    1. ME TOO! that was amazing!!!!!!!!!

      And yes, why is there not more balance in the weather? Balance? Harmony? Sharing? It's a mystery.

  4. Oh, you are just too sweet, Melissa! Thank you for your kind words, darling! xx

  5. Okay, apparently my commenting method in the summer is going to be one big lump of comments all on the same day!?! Sorry, thats odd!

    Umm, first that independence day cake totally makes me think of Rosemary Wells' Ruby for some reason (it just needs silver stars and maybe red buttercream roses-- or perhaps red hot marshmellow squirters.)

    That camp at home-- hello awesome! One day I might be that organized, probably not.

    Hello peach deliciousness-- my mouth was actually watering!

    And then Patricia with the ganache bundt cake-- Oh Ganache!!! ganache! sigh

    Oh, little kites-- so cool! The easter bunny brought us some (much lower quality) but they are way WAY easier to get up in the air! Hooray!

    And Whitney's ramblings in response to cool stuff are now over (thank goodness).

    1. Ha ha ha! Or you can adopt my way of commenting: "THAT'S AWESOME!" :)

      RED HOT MARSHMALLOW SQUIRTERS!!! Love that book so much.