June 26, 2012

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Sugar fairy

So my lovelies, you might (or might not) have been thinking to yourself, What I need is a lot more cuteness in my life. I mean, it's often a problem I struggle with. How to get more cuteness in my life? 

Here's how. You need to watch 'A Little Snow Fairy Sugar'. Only then can you say real cuteness has entered your life. Not just any cuteness....... 

So much cuteness it might make you feel like you just ate twenty-five doughnuts (frosted) followed by a chaser of straight sugar syrup, followed by dipping pink marshmallows (also frosted) into chocolate sauce and then rolling them in candy sprinkles. With a side of extra frosting.

You may think so much cuteness is too much, but your kiddo probably won't. Your kiddo won't mind listening to the high pitched baby voices all cooing at each other for an hour and a half. No, not at all.

Nothing bad, scary or remotely dangerous happens in this first video ('Sweet Mischief'), unless you consider a fairy eating too many waffles and repeatedly kissing her human friend on the nose while giggling and tossing her pink hair scary and dangerous. I was convinced it might be just minorly terrifying after the first fifteen minutes. I'm a little nervous about having nightmares involving pink-haired fairies demanding waffles and blinking her large eyes sweetly at me....over and over and over and over and over.....

All I can say is, be careful when you go off on a quest for cute. You may find more than you bargained for. If you really want to know what I mean, hop over to Pink Sparkle Fun to see the trailer. And then see if you can erase the song 'Sugar Baby Love' from your head....good luck!

I never thought there could be such a thing as too much cuteness. I think a lot of things, which ultimately turn out to be incorrect. Julia thought this was one of the greatest things she's ever seen in her life, and now that Andrew has tracked down the rest of the episodes on Netflix for us, it seems that there may be a great many more mental cavities in my future. 


  1. I love that "mental cavities" phrase you have come up with! So true! What do you use for mental floss? :)

  2. Definitely too sweet. Yuck! But my daughter loves these. So nice to know it is in English, I need to get her English material that meshes with her interests, even if it means I need mental floss!