July 27, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

I've been trying to get a shot of this willow tree for a month or so now. Each time we'd all go for a walk, I'd pass this tree and slap my forehead, screaming for my camera. So the last time I forgot it while on a walk, I gritted my teeth, walked back home to get the camera, and then walked back so I could finally get a picture of this tree! So here it is. ENJOY THE TREE. I sweated a bunch to get it. (But seriously, isn't it pretty? Willow trees are so neato mosquito. Except mosquitos aren't neat and I have two bites on my arm.)

COOL STUFF I liked this week:

Little Playhouses.

Zomsters is having a great sale on their adorable water bottles! $12.

West Chop Corn is so good, I couldn't stop eating it. From Susan Branch's 'The Summer Book'.

The new H & M home line for kids is amazingly cute. The bunny duvet. Only in the UK, but maybe it will come here?

Strawberry Water.

I'm pretty sure that THIS is in our future. And maybe this too.

LOVE this. Old fashioned children's games!

Summer in a bowl spaghetti.

We got our hands on these princess books suggested by my sweet friend Vanessa. All SUPER GREAT.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Squid and Octopus Friends for Always' by Tao Nyeu. This book is WAY COOL. There are 4 teeny chapters, 'The Quarrel', 'The Dream', 'The Hat' and 'The Fortune Cookie' and the whole thing has the coolest art that is splashed across the pages in bold vibrant colors. Also, the two pals like to sip tea and munch on cake and celebrate Tickle Monday. DON'T WE ALL??? It's kind of trippy and floaty and just a super fun read about the underwater friend adventures of these pals. Perfection for ages 4-6.
HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND!! Be safe! Be happy! Have a sweet treat! Hug your loveys!


  1. That West Corn Chop sounds YUMMY! Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!

    1. Oh it is SO GOOD! I ate it everyday until it was gone. I'm going to have to make more.....Happy Weekend to you!

  2. I LOVE The Squid and The Octopus! We read it at the bookstore not too long ago. We'll probably wait until someone's birthday to bring it home.

    I downloaded the Brave O.S.T. right after we saw the movie! Well, the first time. We saw it a second time, but at the drive-in.

    Those playhouses are so sweet. And I think I need to make the summer spaghetti recipe.

    Yup, this was a great list!!! Happy Weekend!

    1. I saw it a bookstore too! And then ordered it from the library. But I kinda want to own it, it's so cute. It just went on my Books to Give As Gifts list. :) Totally unique and special. I can't wait to read 'Dragons Love Tacos'.

    2. And I totally forgot to say I LOVE the weeping willow photo. It's beautiful.

      I haven't read Dragons Love Tacos yet, either. They have it on a rather high display at the store, and I haven't ask anyone to get it down for me yet. :o)

    3. Thank you so much D, I'm glad you liked it!!!!!

  3. I would love an accessible willow tree to admire daily. Thank you for providing yours :)

    Can't wait for you to read Dragons Love Tacos. It's a hoot!!

    1. Hi Rebecca! So happy you stopped by! That book is next on my list, it looks adorable and hilarious. We just read Squid and Octopus again today, it keeps getting cuter!

  4. Glad you found the princess books. :) Willow trees are my favorite. Our neighbor has one in her backyard and we like to jump up and try to get a glimpse of it over her fence. :)

    1. I think my favorite was 'The Apple-Pip Princess' -- the art!! That one was really lovely, and they were ALL gorgeous!

      I'm having a vision of you and your girlies jumping up trying to see this tree, so cute!!

  5. I wanna just get rid of all my furniture and have colorful little playhouses all over. That wouldn't be weird at all, right?

    That spaghetti, YUM!

    Oh squid and octopus looks so cute!