July 31, 2012

Goodbye July

A calendar my dad made, from photos he took.

'Morgan and Me'.  (out of print, but available used.)

Purpley plants.

Moshi monster! (Julia bought this with her allowance. It's very strangely fun, it dances around.)

A cute little toucan box my mom-in-law got from Costa Rica, for Julia. I stole it.

And other random fun summer-ness.

Let's chat about the fact that there is just only about one month before school starts. SUMMER JUST STARTED! Didn't it? Didn't summer just get here? Why can there not be 6 months of summer? Is it too early to begin talking about Halloween? I just got a Halloween costume catalog. Not that we need it. Julia is going to be Merida, I'm going to be Queen Elinor, and Andrew is going to grow a beard so he can be King Fergus.

What else can we talk about? I ordered this book used and it's taking bloody forever for it to get here.

I mash my face on Julia's about 20 times a day. She's getting tired of all the mashing.

I'm making this lemon pie

I feel really hyper that it's going to be August. I love fall but I'm not ready for fall. I am, however, excited for the return of fall TV. It's a bit sad really, how excited I get about my telly programs coming back on.

Aaaaaaand...that's all I got. Want to do this again tomorrow? Actually I have a cute book tomorrow. About teeth. Marinate that idea in your head. Imagine little teeth dancing around. Imagine teeth INSIDE a tooth. Ok, bye!


  1. MORGAN AND ME!!!! I love Serendipity books. My godmother used to buy them for me. She passed away years ago, but they give me the warm fuzzies.

    The book on order looks awesome. So does the lemon tart.

    School starts here two weeks from tomorrow. That just isn't right.

    1. 2 WEEKS?? What?? 2 weeks? Oh my stars!

      I'll let you know about the tart, you're supposed to grind up an entire lemon, skin and all, in a food processor -- I'm worried I didn't grind it up enough :)

  2. Summer, why are you rushing things??? That Julia snuggle picture is precious.

    (I'm with you about lotsa inner excitement about my fall programs returning... I LOVE that. Seriously I look WAY too forward to TV shows)

    As for Halloween I'm going back and forth between using stuff we've already accumulated or have Miss Kit be little red riding hood, boys as woodcutters and our giant dog as the big bad wolf... decisions decisions. I can't wait to see your costumes in a few months :)

    1. I think I need to order J's pretty soon before they get hard to find -- what I'm really looking forward to is slapping some football shoulder pads on Andrew and draping him in a plaid blanket of some kind. My cousin likes to participate in Renaissance fairs so I'm hoping to borrow a dress from her!

  3. I remember 'Morgan and Me'!!! And yes, summer is flying by. I'm going to be uniform shopping for Miss C. this week and her lunch bag arrived in the mail on Friday (50% off at PBK - woot!). Only a few weeks left before school starts - eek! I sure am going to miss my sweetie when she's gone all day. :(

    1. I gotta go uni shopping too -- her uniform code is pretty relaxed, it's more of a dress code/color scheme really -- but it's here. Gotta get clothes and school supplies. It's BLOWING MY MIND!!

  4. I know,I KNOW! I cannot believe July is over for another year. It's weird this year I feel the magic of the potential of summer and I want to savour every moment because all too soon we'll be heading for Fall.

    As promised I'm giving you a shout to let you know I've stitched up some more hares...


    1. oh how wonderful Stephanie!! I'll post a link on my Facebook page :)

      I am determined to enjoy every last moment of this summer, I don't know why it has seemed so especially fast???

  5. That is SO COOL - can't wait to see your Halloween pics later on! I will be happy when my fall shows come back too but the problem is I kind of have too many of them! Summer is a good chance for me to catch up on movies, etc. that I haven't seen yet, or to watch stuff that people recommend, like you and North and South! Haven't been watching it recently though as I've been just surfing online and reading The Night Circus. Gotta get back to it. Oh and btw my 'Christmas in July' post is up! Phew, barely made it!

    1. ha ha, they should be hilarious, I'm thinking! I saw your delightful post, so glad you joined in the Christmas cheer :)

      I am so envious of you having your first Night Circus experience. I wish I could have it again. I carried it with me everywhere, even the bathroom! :) Any spare moment I had, I was reading that book.