July 19, 2012

The Best Baby Book Ever

'Bunny and Me' is the best baby book ever. Just in case I was too subtle a second ago, BEST BABY BOOK EVER. My mom-in-law thinks so too, and I know you're not going to tell me that my mom-in-law is wrong, are you? She has exquisite book taste! (and she introduced me to Gyo Fujikawa and she's the one who gave me this most darling of books.)

This lovely gem features the most precious baby, photographed in vintage pastel renderings, looking all over for an elusive bunny.

Is the bunny in a basket?

Is the bunny behind a tree?

Does the bunny like to blow bubbles with baby?

It's too cute to be believed.

Seriously, THIS IS THE CUTEST AND THE BEST AND THE MOST AWESOME AND THE COOLEST AND THE MOST DARLING BABY BOOK IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. And that's really all I have to say about it. This post kinda wrote itself. Some books are so awesome that all I have to do is shout "IT'S SO AWESOME!" and I feel like I can be done, because the level of awesome is that high.

The baby finds the bunny, never fear.

I think I'm 100% accurate when I say that you NEED this book. Your BABY needs this book. (how's that for some parental guilt?)

If you have a baby, or if you have a friend with a baby or know someone about to have a baby....you know where I'm going right? Did I mention that this book makes an amazing shower present?


  1. Oh that sad baby! What a look captured :) Thanks for sharing the very best baby book in the world- I'll be on the look out for it!

  2. We bought this one Easter for my oldest, when she was tiny. I have a picture of my little one when she was about 6 months old, leaning back in a stroller "reading" it. Our copy is very worn and loved.

  3. Julia had a good time looking at it the other day when I photographed the book for this post. She launched into a long story about how she remembers reading it when she was a baby and how she was sad when the baby was sad. (I don't think this story is remotely true :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Miss Jenny! Oh my indeed ~ I promise it is! :)

  5. Oh the cute cute cute sad baby! I wonder how they got that picture...hmmm. Well, you know I love me a photo illustration, I must be on the look out for this!

    1. I'd love to see what the baby looks like now!!