August 3, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

Julia got this cool thing for her birthday last winter, Giant Paper Flowers in a Vase Craft Kit. That's not hard to say at all, is it?? Well we finally made some flowers. I LOVE THEM. It's the bouquet that never fades, always bright. Fun, fun gift, I think it will be my next go-to birthday present to have handy! Oh and Happy August to you all -- one month until school begins again. I'm aghast at the prospect. 

COOL STUFF I thought was pretty, fine & fabulous, or looked super tasty:

Coolest space-themed birthday party I have ever seen. The jet packs! The space rocks!

Happy Faces print.

Creamy Corn, Basil & Bacon spaghetti.

Don't we all need 2-color Hello Kitty pens for back to school?

Glowing chalk.

My friend Danzel made me aware that a NEW OLIVIA book is coming! 

Yogurt Rainbow Tartlets. (this is so genius simple, it's ridiculous. Great for the warm weather months.)

Little Teatime Cakes.

Simply gorgeous floral head wreaths. Want more? Check out these floral crowns!

Helpful reminders.

Cool Book of the Week: Did you know that Roald Dahl (of 'James and the Giant Peach' fame) wrote a food memoir/cookbook? I cannot WAIT to check this out and read his witty take on life at his family table. There are recipes for birthday parties, holiday celebrations, chocolate treats...and "Hangman's Suppers", which sounds very much in the dark humor vein of Mr. Dahl. So now I know where his granddaughter Miss Sophie got her leaning toward food writing!

HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND! Our temps are supposed to be nearing 90. August! That means it's finally summer in the Pacific Northwest! We're going to try and catch a viewing of the yearly Blue Angels airshow. Oh and that lemon pie I made was SO great, I'm making it again because we have another batch of family coming into town. Be safe, be well, and don't get any sunburnies.



  1. So many good things this week!

    • That happy faces print is too too cute! I want to live in that world!

    • I'm so glad you brought up Hello Kitty today. I was in Target yesterday and happened across some HK slippers for adults! Have you seen them yet? They look something like this:

    • I'm in love with anything you can eat at teatime. Those cakes look so yummy! Don't you wish teatime was a part of daily American life?

    • A ROALD DAHL COOKBOOK?! Sorry, that one just required all caps.

    Have a great weekend! :)

    1. I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU about the Roald Dahl :) -- I can't wait to read that one! I love food memoirs. I like reading stories about food in general :)

      Those HK shoes are soooooo cute! I love Target. SO MUCH.

      Teatime. yes yes yes yes. I wish that with all of my heart!

  2. Thanks for the link!

    I'm so glad to know about the lemon tart. It did look scrumptious in pictures. I love the Happy Faces print! And the Outer Space party. And the floral wreaths. And that chalk is crazy! ;o)

    1. you are more than welcome Miss D. It was such a happy day when I found you on Pinterest -- you are an encyclopedia re everything awesome :)

  3. Grandma Sue8/3/12, 10:07 AM

    Yes, indeed, the lemon pie was AWESOME!!!

    1. The 2nd one I made was is better! I really processed it well to get it super creamy, and I was happier about the consistency.

  4. Love the happy faces print. So much stuff I want to get on Etsy...

    1. I'm somewhat afraid of Etsy. There's too much awesome there! ;)

  5. Tartlets--smaller so you can eat more!!

    Olivia, that's right! I nearly forgot this was coming.

    Okay teatime-- I have been thinking a tea party is definitely in order with all the London olympics hype. If we only had those floral crowns to wear at our 'tea' (we're more of lemonade in tea cups girls).

    And Roald Dahl cookbook?!? I got so wrapped up I almost forgot to say how much I love the giant paper flower kit. Do you thin we could do it without the kit! So fun and lovely :)

    1. Lemonade in tea cups sounds groovy to me -- You can also try cambric tea, have you heard of that? It's warmed milk with a couple drops of tea just to tint the milk :)

      You could totally do the flowers with a lot of tissue paper. Cut them into rectangular shapes with scalloped or fringed edges. Then stack about 5 layers of tissue. Fold them into accordion folds. Then tie in the middle with pipe cleaner and then start fluffing out the layers to make your flower!

  6. Those paper flowers are such an awesome idea, and I had no idea that Roald Dahl had a memoir/cookbook. Must keep that in mind for the future. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet message too. Hope you've had a lovely weekend Melissa!
    Ronnie xo

    1. Thank you Ronnie! Your blog makes me feel very peaceful inside -- it's a great feeling!

  7. Thank you so much for featuring our party! I'm not even clicking on that Etsy link! The last time I looked at a print you'd featured it ended up on my wall. I will not look. I will not look!