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August 31, 2012

School starts next week! And I am...ready for school to start next week. I'll miss my little lovey but I feel like I gotta whip myself and my house and my life into shape and I'm ready to get to it. Fall is very energizing for me, for some reason. We've had a great last week of summer. The other day our next door neighbor family invited Julia over for ice cream sundaes after dinner. Now that's a party I want to attend! People should have that kind of get-together more often. 'Hey, want to come over and make ice cream sundaes??' Or, 'Hey, want to come over and eat gingerbread and watch English period films?' Doesn't that one sound fabulous?????? I think it does. Andrew's version of that would involve video games...

I'm always, always seeing COOL STUFF in the world:

Fairytale Tea.

Another really darling site -- crafts, clothes, decor, and general cuteness for kids!

A week of healthy bento box lunches.

The perfect little girl fall dress. (My fall splurge for Julia)

Fentiman's Dandelion & Burdock Soda is the best soda I've ever had. It's amazing.

Poketo for Target is out right now (see here for store details) -- if you can't get to one, check out the main website! I love it all!

Blackberry Sonker. (it's like a cobbler)

Pretty crayons and a pretty notebook.

Ok Downton peeps, want to see the funniest thing you will ever see in ALL OF YOUR LIFE? Here you go!  Courtesy of my pal Leanne from Vintage Books for the Very Young. I am indebted to her forever for putting this onto my radar....seriously...I might have to cough up an organ or something....

And do you want to see the CUTEST THING you will ever seen in all of your life? (check out the looks they give each other, priceless!)

Cool Book of the Week: 'Chloe Instead' by Micah Player. Oh this story is so darn cute....And the colors are so bright and fun! This book could have been written about me and my brother. I was hoping for a sister, and I got my brother, instead. No offense bro! He turned out to be pretty cool. Ish. (Ha ha)

Molly wants to have a sister who is just like her. She likes to draw. Chloe like to eat crayons. Soon Molly realizes that competing interests can sometimes be complementary, and she learns to have a good time with her little sis. Great for smaller kids learning to deal with the arrival of a new sibling!

Chloe, Instead
This one is new from Chronicle Books just this past spring, and it's charming and darling and....funny thing -- It actually hit home to me on another level because I thought when I had Julia, I would be getting a little junior me and that turned out so not to be the case. She loves science! And loves parties! And is the opposite of me in nearly every way, personality-wise! And I love her all the more for it.

Have a lovely weekend, see you in September!



  1. Totally agree about the dandelion and burdock, have you tried their rose lemonade? Also a total winner.Rx

    1. oh WOW, no have not tried that one and it sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!! thanks for the tip!

  2. That little dress is so cute! I am sure Miss J will look very good in it! I didn't know about Poketo! Must check it out at Target this weekend! Chronicle Books is just a terribly addictive website! I want everything from them! May I say how much I love your COOL STUFF posts. There are always tons of interesting things! Have a good weekend Melissa!

    1. I hope I make it to Target to check it out as well !! Thank you so much about the friday posts, they are such fun for me to work on....Happy wkend to you too!!

  3. Those babies? Their aunt is the sister of a friend of mine! :o)

    That tumblr is a SCREAM. Eeboo stuff is so pretty. I love making clothespin dolls! It's a lot of fun. That dress is darling. We've been on a creative lunch kick, so thanks for the link to that.

    And I would love a cup of fairytale tea... with pie.

    1. Oh! And I wish I would have had that book a year or two ago. I have two very different daughters. They usually play beautifully together, but when Big Sis started full-day school, she began to lose a lot of patience with Little Sis. I may need to check it out anyway.

    2. it has simple text so I think best for younger kiddos but any kid would be drawn to the idea of it and the engaging art!! can't believe you know the people involved with that video!!!! SO COOL!

  4. Replies
    1. oh and those California poppies are absolutely amazingly beautiful- in your yard?

    2. ha ha ha, wasn't that tremendously silly AND hilarious?? The poppies, sadly are nowhere near my yard -- I snapped them on some street while driving, I pulled over first :) -- about midway thru summer and am just now using the photo!

  5. Nah, you don't need to cough up an organ. :) We'll have to dissect the first Downton episode after it airs!

  6. That fall dress is darling. I love mini boden. :) And the book looks fantastic--I will cross my fingers that our library has it. Are those your poppies in the first photo? I want them. the end. happy weekend!

    1. we got the dress a few days ago, very thick material and will be great for cooler weather:) No no, I cannot claim those poppies as mine ~ found them by the side of the road! Most beautiful foliage I see is in someone else's yard -- hopefully they don't mind me taking pictures :0


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