August 9, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

Love love this sweet pic of Julia and a pal. I love holding hands. I had a boyfriend once who wasn't a hand holder. I knew he wasn't The One. I know the day is coming when Julia won't want to hold my hand everywhere. But then again, maybe not? I still hold my mom's hand. I can hope....that even if she abandons holding my hand during the teen years, maybe she will rediscover my hand again someday. Right now, I'm going to revel in every single hand hold, every single reach for my fingers....

I love COOL STUFF. I really do.

A new Tinkerbell movie is coming this fall! 'Secret of the Wings.'

A fun traveling game.

Vanilla Ice Cubes.

Look at this wallpaper! (I love the 'In the Rain' pattern.)

MOSHI!! Strawberry Moshi and Moshi Monsters!

This Sugarplum Garden Pocket Mirror is darling.

I really like the idea of a Sunday cake.

This is really cute!  A nursery moodboard inspired by the film 'Moonrise Kingdom'.

Japanese Hotcakes.

Love this Cracked Lavender Vase.

Cool Book of the Week: 'A Summertime Song' by Irene Haas. It's still summer!! I saw this book on the blog, The Marlowe Bookshelf. Click here for more pictures from the book. So exquisite! Truly breathtaking art. To me, this book looks like how summer feels...or how we all hope it would feel.

Have a lovely weekend! The race to squeeze in enough summer just won't happen, I've realized, so instead of trying to fit it all in (I thought I could)...I just want to eat peaches. That's my end of summer plan. Eating lots and lots of peaches.



  1. MASH! I remember MASH...

    The book looks beautiful.

    1. I've never played that game before! Want to try :) Amazing looking book, isn't it??

    2. Of course, according to many games of MASH, I should be living in a shack or apartment, married to Ralph Macchio.

  2. My daughter Keira and I bought the Strawberry Mermaid Moshi book a while ago and now she is starting on the Moshi Monsters magazine and app.

    1. Oh FUN! those strawberry moshi books are just the cutest!

  3. I was just thinking today how my oldest now holds my hand not because he has to (in parking lot, etc.) but because he wants to. It may not last long but my mommy heart was so happy when I realized this.

    1. That is so lovely Christina! Oh that just made my mommy heart happy too!