August 27, 2012

The Adventures of Fifi and Noni

_DSC0333Have you ever wanted to live inside of a snow globe? I have.

_DSC0363And why am I talking about snow globes at the end of summer?

_DSC0339Because I just received a copy of ‘The Adventures of Fifi and Noni’ by Kimberly Jacobs Muller and Chad Attie, and this isn’t just a book about travelling to a magical land through a snow globe.

Have you ever felt odd or different?

Have you ever been teased?

Has your child?

Because that’s what this book is really about ~ how a little girl named Fifi learns to embrace her individuality after enduring ridicule. In this case, about her flaming red hair.

_DSC0347After journeying to Aipotu (utopia spelled backwards!), Fifi and her tagalong little brother Noni, discover a kindly guide called Llamaroo.

Llamaroo is fun, wise and likes to speak French. Llamaroo wants Fifi to look on the bright side of life and celebrate that which makes her stand out from others.

This is one of life’s most difficult lessons, I find. Easy to say, hard to really embody within. And it’s one I want Julia to hear from a variety of sources, as she embarks upon her elementary school years.

_DSC0346“We are a world of different. Look at me, Fifi. We are all different. We are all free to be.”

_DSC0343_DSC0361_DSC0366Julia has reached the age where she is going to experience life events without me. Which is such an odd feeling. For the most part up until now, I have been there to watch, to see what she has experienced right as she was experiencing it. That will happen less and less as she starts to enter the world without me constantly at her side.

It scares the pants off of me.

Which is why I want her to love herself, to be proud of who she is, of how she thinks and how she looks and what she’s interested in doing. I want her to be a kind friend and respectful of people who are unlike her.

_DSC0362These ideas are all at play in the story. The thematic concepts are laid out in a magical and uplifting way that kids 5 and up can grasp.

_DSC0355_DSC0357I found this book to be completely unlike anything I’ve seen lately. Kimberly Muller is clearly on a huge roll! Do you recall the post I did on her earlier book, ‘Last Night I Swam With a Mermaid’? Her stories are gusts of fresh air and I feel like I’m seeing something new with her books. Muller’s stories make me think and see the world in a different way. They’re trippy and unusual in the best possible sense.

(And I haven’t been so excited about the art in a book since I discovered Nicoletta Ceccoli. I am now in total awe of Chad Attie! You have to check out his site. Extreme beauty. Apparently he can do anything, from mixed media collages to abstract paintings to intricate detail work. He also has an amazing Pinterest page.)

What a magical, exquisite story. This is a book I would give as a gift, it’s that special.

(I received a copy of this book for review purposes, but the opinions expressed are my own. I was knocked out by the level of talent and skill that went into it and I’m happy happy to do what I can to help promote this lovely story!)


  1. That book does look too gorgeous. PP&PB did a post about it, too, didn't they? I so need to check it out for myself sometime.

    1. The art is really amazing, you'll really enjoy it! Julia's only quibble was that she was hoping that Noni was a girl :) I know Robyn was very excited when we featured 'Last Night I Swam with a Mermaid' and she got in touch with the publishers, and we both received review copies of this latest book from Rellum Publishing :)

  2. Goodness, that books incredible! I'm going to have to get my hands on this one soon. Hopefully it's not too new to be at the library yet? Oh, and you're making me tearful with this post. I'm feeling those same changes acutely right now and I don't like how it feels. It just hurts too much. :(

    1. It's rough, I know. I feel like I have been J's buffer to the outside world. Now all I can do is try and equip her with the skills one needs to navigate life...that's not hard at all is it?? :)

  3. Fantastic commentary to go with this book! I actually haven't read this one yet- Whit was the lucky girl to get this book for reviewing... but I want to read it now more than ever! It is very scary thinking about what the world may throw at your kid and hoping they're ready for what comes and that they'll talk to you about it all... parenthood.

    1. oh golly that's right, I remember that now! about Whitney's review! you'll likey when you see it! (it's an exclamation point type o' day...)

      And yeah. Parenthood is like, hard. (tee hee)

  4. Hi Melissa, what you wrote about kids and life rings so true. I am terrified as well for my kid as he discovers new things without me and he now spends most of his daytime with his classmates and teachers. And what an interesting book this is! I must look for this at my library! Thanks for your review!

    1. The book is fairly new, so the libraries might not have it just yet, but I'm sure they will soon!

      I try to keep my anxiety under control about parenting and whatnot, but it's a tough road to hoe, at times....:)

  5. Hi Melissa, Thank you so much for appreciation of the work! CA

    1. Hey Chad, it was my extreme pleasure to review this book, and to become aware of your work. I admire your talent immensely!


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