The Cutest Animal Books for Babies

August 8, 2012

By far the most commonly asked question I get is to give suggestions for good baby books. And there are so many darling babies in my life right now via many of my sweet pals. Darling babies deserve darling books. Especially books illustrated by the grand master of art, Garth Williams!

_DSC0180_DSC0172_DSC0170_DSC0173_DSC0174_DSC0175_DSC0176_DSC0168I’ve read both ‘Baby Animals’ and ‘Baby Farm Animals’ to Julia countless times over the years. The other day I saw her checking them out on her own, and she followed me around for a good half hour, pointing out which animals she thought were the cutest. ‘Baby Farm Animals’ was a particular favorite of hers when she was a teeny-tiny!

I love so many illustrators who have created art for picture books. (have you ever heard me freak out about GYO FUJIKAWA? maybe a just a few million times? yes, yes you have. will I ever stop FREAKING OUT about her? no. no, I won’t.)

But Garth Williams. . . he holds the keys to my book loving heart. Do you all own ‘The Little Fur Family’?

(just make me happy and say yes. don’t tell me that you don’t have it. just go get it, and I’ll be none the wiser. if you tell me you don’t have it or haven’t read it, my blood pressure will go up and I might hyperventilate. because I will be SO SAD that this huge dose of awesome has not touched your life.)

Go get these books! Hug your babies! Happy happy joy joy! (want more cute baby animals? Here you go. You really haven’t lived until you’ve seen Memebon, the cutest Japanese baby kitten.)


  1. Garth Williams and Little Golden Books are two of my favorite things.

  2. I do have it (I'm serious--not just saying it to make you happy!) Great choices as usual. :)

  3. I have the Baby Animals book but had never seen the Little Fur Family before!

    1. just lost that one point score in favor of my blood pressure....:)

      Well now you have your next baby shower present, done!

  4. (Okay, we have Little Fur Family but I actually find it rather odd? strange? creepy? But you got to love Garth Williams' illustrations. Don't hate me)

    1. Girlfriend, there could never be any hate here! :)xo

      It IS odd! The sunset at the end kinda trips me out bigtime! Is he like running around at night? But that's why I like it. 'Cuz I'm a little dark :)


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