September 29, 2012

Teeny Halloweenies

This? It's nothing. Just the Teenie Halloweenies. Just the cutest, sweetest, most adorable Halloween book for Tiny Tots that you will ever ever see. So if you're not interested in that, then just move it along. Just shuffle right on by the Extremeliest Adorable-est Darlingest booky-book you've ever peeked at. It's best that way actually, not to know about this much cuteness. Someone's eyeballs might get hurt.

(I read this to Julia all the time when she was about 2. Also, did I mention this book last year in a Cool Stuff post? I have no idea.)


  1. I can only see your scans... my computer doesn't like the ones from the other place (apparently) on a side note, I really really want a new computer... sigh.

    I haven't ever seen Teenie Halloweenies... but it looks beyond adorable! I'm wanting to read it to miss kitten.

  2. I must have read this book at some point over the years, because it sounds incredibly familiar to me. But I don't actually remember reading it. Guess I need to hunt down a copy now, right? :)

    I'm with Robyn – I can only see your scans too.

  3. Thanks guys, that's so weird, it showed up on my computer! I took those other scans out -- the Teeny Halloweenies got Teenier! ha ha

    Anyway, super adorable and the text is just like what you see here. We got candy! Bobbing for apples is fun! Etc.

  4. Just FYI there is a little guy dressed up as a little devil -- it's very cute, but some people might not like to see that sort of costume at all...

  5. Very cute indeed! My boy is afraid of carved pumpkins. Well less than previous years but still. I try every year to read him some Halloween books but he is not very keen about them. Maybe this one is cute enough :)

  6. Aaaghh! My eyeballs! My eyeballs!! ;)