October 12, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

Behold our Halloween cat, Miss Sally!! She doesn't even need a costume for the holiday ~ she's already a Sweater-Eating Monster. Did I mention to anyone that she ate my House Sweater? yeah. no jokey. It's THE SECOND ONE. I wasn't even mad. I just walked it in to show Andrew and was like, "This happened." Totally not repairable. What I'm most bummed about is that I didn't photograph the damage and the holes so I could show you all. Does anyone want my cat?

COOL STUFF, my spookies....

It's flannel sheet time! (found these at Target for J ~ super soft, great weight.)

These DIY Halloween lights are fantastic.

Saw this on Apartment Therapy -- Caldecott DVD collection! (all of the Scholastic videos are fabulous)

Cute little playhouse bed.

There is nothing in this world like a New England fall.

Ghostly coconut-covered apples.

Speaking of apples, check out this very handy cheat sheet about apples and baking.

Did you know there was such a thing as glitter tape? I NEED MORE GLITTER!!!

Love this vintage Halloween garland. And pillow! (Both from Bethany Lowe)

Very cool (and easy) way of making a Halloween t-shirt.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Nightsong' by Ari Berk and Loren Long is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I wasn't expecting such a tale of lyric and haunting loveliness, with such heart stirring art. Yes, I just called a book about a bat heart stirring. It's not a Halloween book, although the bat and dark earth tones used throughout lend themselves perfectly to this season. But what really got to me was the premise...a little bat takes his first flight, without his mama. He's scared and unsure about how far away he should go. He has a glorious time testing the boundaries of leaving his home for the 1st time, but is happy to return home again at dawn to his mommy. The prose....it's like a poem. The art...it's like visual music. You have to see this one.


Have a lovely weekend!! Cider and movies and pumpkin pancakes. That's what's happening this weekend. Also a ton of rain is supposed to come see us. (It hasn't rained here in about 80 days! It's been some kind of miraculous miracle!)



  1. Oooo, this book looks beautiful! Bethany Lowe Halloween stuff is the best. I long to be in New England in the fall. What a cute idea for a DIY bed. The cats and ghosts lights are too cute!

    And back to the book. OOoooo!

    1. We have some family members who live in that area, hopefully one of these yrs we can get out there at this time to go visit! :)

  2. Glitter tape! I think it would be gone in about 10 seconds flat if Miss C. spotted some at my house. LOL

    1. I wonder how much of a mess it leaves behind??

  3. The flannel sheet looks so comfy. I can't step into Target without buying something so good to know :P

    Oh those pictures of New England fall are gorgeous! Feeling nostalgic now!

    Have a great weekend Melissa!

    1. ah Target. My happy place. The place I most need to avoid...;) Happy wkend to you!

  4. My library doesn't have that book. grrrr.

    Those cat lights & the dyi shirts are my favorite today.

    Happy weekend... I think I need to get my hands on some cider too. hmmmm

    1. it's brand spanking new -- just came out Sept 2012 -- not sure how long it takes super new releases to hit libraries???

  5. well, at least you get to go shopping for a new sweater now? Silly kitty. :)

    1. YES Ma'am!! silly kitty's gonna need bowel obstruction surgery if she keeps it up! oh sigh, and yet we love her so....:)


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