October 26, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

I might have to re-think my Halloween costume, my spookies. Not sure if I can find a medieval looking dress to be Queen Elinor (from the movie 'Brave'). I might have to be a Hawaiian flight attendant instead. Andrew thought it quite hilarious that I was able to walk into my closet and instantly come out with two potential costumes...just from my CLOTHES.

COOL STUFF, my spookies:

I'm SO proud of my dear friend Aadip ~ check out his fabulous article on raising a daughter.

November is Picture Book Month! Check out the festivities at Pictureboookmonth.com

How fun would this doughnut tree be for an Autumn or Halloween gathering?

Mr. Printables.com has the cutest toy and activity printouts.

This site has uplifted me and helped me rethink my parenting more than I can adequately say here.

Darling string of lights from Ikea.

Spaghetti Pie.

Smencils. (psst! the perfect stocking stuffer! yes, you should be thinking along those lines.)

Spicy Apple tea lights.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Old Black Witch' by Wendy and Harry Devlin. I mentioned a few weeks ago on Facebook that I had ordered this fabulous book from Purple House Press. Well it came and I think we've read it at least 5 times since then. Julia LOVES it. I wouldn't classify this one as a Halloween book per se, although it does suit itself perfectly for this time of year.

Old Black Witch!
I can tell you we're going to be reading this book all year long, it's just perfection from beginning to end. Old Black Witch is a cranky old biddy who finds herself disturbed and unhappy when a little boy and his mama buy the house she's been asleep in for 200 years and turn it into a tearoom. But she soon discovers she has a knack for creating delicious tea treats and figures that she can be a cranky old witch AND make & serve blueberry pancakes like nobody's business. You all must seek out this newly re-issued treasure. I'd been waiting for a year for this one to become available and I seized upon it like a mad woman when it came back into print!

HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND! Pumpkin carving. Lots of pumpkin carving. No more scary movies. I watched this one and this one last weekend and they both scared me so much I'm afraid to walk down my hallway now at night.



  1. Smencils!!! I bought scented markers last year and it was a hit with the kids! But I did not know scented pencils existed! Must remedy to that and buy them now (or for Christmas).

    I adore that article you linked about worrying! It is so true! Thanks for sharing that!

    That Old Black Witch book sounds so fun! I'll go for that and skip the horror movies (did not even dare click on the links!).

    Have a nice weekend Melissa!

    1. The worrying article needs to be LASERED INTO MY BRAIN -- and possibly tattooed onto my forehead :)

      Happy wkend time to you!!!!

  2. Oh dear, Smencils. Those were always getting opened and stolen at the bookstore. Then just when I thought I'd escaped them, the fifth graders at Big Sis's school started selling them as a fundraiser... ;o)

    LOVE the picture book month website! And how I wish the nearest Ikea to me wasn't 7 hours away. (Although one is going to be built in the Kansas City area... 3 hours away!) The book looks cool! Aadip's article was wonderful. The Mr. Printables site may cost be a LOT of ink cartridges...

    1. I'm oh so proud of Aadip. He's the funniest person I know, aside from my husband!

      Fun fact I learned about Smencils -- apparently they retain their smell (and whatever you color on) for 2 YRS!! wowza

  3. Julia has such a fantastic smile!

    So I'm very curious about spaghetti pie, that is something I've never eaten. Good? I'm a little nervous to try it.

    I haven't read Old Black Witch... but I came across the sequel Old Witch saves halloween several months back- and it's super cool. I'll have to get my self a copy of the original!

    1. I love spaghetti pie but I haven't made it in a long long time, and I had lost the recipe I had been using - this one looks quite good! I like the idea of it all..spaghetti and pie in the same sentence, makes me happy :)

      you gotta gotta gotta have Old Black Witch!

  4. Yay for picture books! Oh and that Hands Free Mama site looks great.

    1. I have found that site to be unbelievably profound and wise and moving! :)

  5. Love the Devlins! Haven't seen this one yet! Happy weekend! (My cat is playing with a fairy tutu he found on the kitchen table. I'm trying to decide if I should take it from him or just enjoy the show....

    1. oh definitely enjoy the show, and try and get it immortalized on film! ;)