October 5, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

Julia and I were just talking about how from this time of year on, there's basically a holiday (if you consider birthdays to be holidays, WHICH I DO) every month until Easter! Halloween, T-Day, Christmas, mah birthday, Valentine's Day, J's birthday, and then Easter because it's in March next year. Exciting no? I tell you what's exciting...the first frost! Happened just this past week and we've had to add an extra blanket to the bed and I'm thinking that it's flannel time soon. I don't want to leap into the flannels too soon though because once I do they'll be on the beds until June, and that thought will depress me, that we live in a climate wherein one needs to have flannels on the bed until June. Andrew, who is Mr. Positive, would say, 'Oh that just means you get to be cozy until June.' I would say (I am not Mr. Positive), 'no that means my fingers will be cold for the next 8 months.' Now I have made myself sad.

Let's be happy! And look at Halloweeny COOL STUFF:

This ghost costume is just too fabulous.

Doesn't this Halloween craft book look super cute?

Kitty Loves Pie.

Welcome to Fall Cake (this is easier than easy. love the sprinkles!)

Just found Lark, an online source of everything fun, especially for kids.

Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Pie.

Children's books about bullying and empathy.

Orange Ginger Toddy!

You must watch the video in this post. Come back and tell me, did that not change your life, just a bit? It did mine.

Cool Book of the Week'Disney's Scary Storybook Collection'. Man, I love this book and oh! So does my kid! Found this at a used bookstore and had it tucked under my arm in a heartbeat. Really fun, TONS of stories, and not scary, except for the spook factor inherent in 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and 'The Headless Horseman' tales that are included (use your judgment as to whether your kiddos can handle those stories).

Disney and Pixar Scary Story Collection
All the rest are sweet, fun stories about Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Alladin, Toy Story characters, Mickey, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan and Monster's Inc. Pictures on every page and I'm so happy I found this! Totally, totally cute. My favorite is the Donald Duck story that involves him annoying Madam Mim. (remember her from 'The Sword in the Stone'?)

Have a lovely weekend ~ There's a small farm in a nearby town that makes the most awesome fresh apple cider, we're going to go get us some!



  1. Our first frost is due tomorrow night! It's only going to be in the '50s today for our high. Fall is here!!!

    That pie looks amazing. I can vouch for the Welcome to Fall Cake. Witch Craft??? Awesome!!! So jealous of your lights!

    1. When Halloween is done, I'm going to put a new string of colored lights up, -- I'm thinking PINK -- I'm not doing subtle with the holiday decor this year -- I'm doing NEON :)

    2. Andrew and Julia just said no pink. I'm crushed. I'll have to wear them down....:)

  2. I need to buy some of those vintage lights, so pretty! That Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Pie looks amazing, that is on my to-make list for the holidays :) I saw that craft book in the store the other day but didn't have a chance tp browse through it, now I am definitely going back and perusing it! Hehe, every time I read your weekly cool stuff list, I always end up pinning something or adding some of these great places to my Facebook. Thanks for the inspiration, as always :D

    1. Thank you Miss Lori, I'm so glad you enjoy the links!!! I end up pinning all the links from the list, ha ha, it's all stuff I'm interested in for myself!

  3. I long for colder days and nights to be honest! We have hot weather for too many months down here! But the hard part about winter is to get out of a warm and cozy bed! :P

    Gotta love Lark! But oh no, another fantastic shopping site! LOL it's terribly addictive to shop online! They have mighty cute stuff!

    That little Kitty is all too right! I have to get myself some pie today! Have a great weekend Melissa!

    1. Getting out of bed is already getting hard! I feel like I have to make something fall-esque this weekend -- it might be molasses cookies, but I feel like that pie or an apple crisp is also soon on its way....Happy wkend back at you!