November 2, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy November everyone! Oh East Coast friends, I have thought of little else but The Storm. I hope you all are ok. Our backyard was wiped out by a flood a couple of years ago and I will never forget the total shock of seeing all that water rushing by our house in the dark. And I hope those who could, had a Very Merry Halloween. Did I just confuse my holidays again? Oh yay, Halloween is over! I can now begin listening to Christmas music....

This week I'm doing something different with the COOL STUFF list. I found Justice, a new-to-me shop. A lot of it is over the top and a lot of it is...the stuff of little girl twinkly, sparkly dreams. There was so much there that was awesome that I decided to make today's whole list a collection of things from their site that I seriously think my kiddo would flip over, maybe yours too? It's all really girly, so be prepared:

Party Light Finger Beams.


Pleated Hem Tunic.

Quilted Cross-Body Bag.

Novi Stars. Ok, these dolls are kind one of them even wearing any clothes?? But my first thought was, omg my kiddo would lose her mind over these. Especially the little pets. Oh, you can find them less expensively on Amazon.

Multi Color Monster Fur Pillow.

Electric Pink Fairisle Hat. (they've got a lot of great hats!)

Rainbow Zebra Initial Journal.

Neon Light Up Watch.

Sequin Stars 3-ring Binder.

Penguin Fleece Pajama Set.

Pastel Mixable Nail Polish.

Rain Boots.

Cool Book of the Week: Well I'm waiting. And waiting. For my library to pony up 'The Big, Big Book of Tashi' by Anna and Barbara Fienberg and Kim Gamble. The stories, about a plucky daredevil named Tashi who can outwit ghosts, dragons and giants, look amazing, and this collection contains the first seven books of the series. What looks fun is the fact that these are chapter books for early readers that have a picture or two on every page. Julia is often interested in longer length stories these days, but she still likes her pictures. I think she'll be taken with the exciting, but supposedly not scary, storylines!

There's also 'Tashi the Complete Collection' (every single book, available Spring 2013), 'The Great Big Enormous Book of Tashi' and 'The Amazing Tashi Activity Book'. If the library doesn't deliver something soon, I think I'll maybe get 'The Great Big Enormous Book of Tashi' as a Christmas present for Julia. If these books are as cool as they seem, I think this is going to go over HUGE with my kiddo.

Have a lovely weekend! Are we all going to be coming down from massive sugar highs?



  1. Happy Friday, Melissa! I can see why little girls love Justice – we have the stores all over the place around here. It's hard for me to go inside one, though... it's like a box of glitter, tule and sequins exploded inside! Of course, that's exactly why little girls love it so much! LOL

    1. I am not sure if there is an actual store in my area -- I haven't seen one! Love your description, it is truly like a little girl's sparkly world exploded!

  2. We have a Justice store in the mall. I have never set foot inside, though. The tapefitti and the Fair Isle cap are great. The books look like fun. Let us know more when you finally get a hold of them!

    1. You need to go in! And tell me how scary it was...;)

  3. As the mama of two boys (and of course my kits still just tiny) I've never heard of Justice before. BUT- I can see that it would be crazy HUGE in the 5-12 year old girl range. Oh my! :) I'm thinking Julia will be having a wonderful holiday season. (all my kids want is NINJAGO... oh ninjago.)

  4. Those Tashi books look amazing!

  5. Justice is a little girl's dream store, isn't it? But I think I'll secretly buy some stuff for myself too :D

    1. Though #1 was , oh my look at all this crazy stuff. Though #2 was, oh my goodness, my daughter is going to love it!! ;)

  6. I like the combo of chapters and pictures--it's a necessity at this age. :) Thanks for the head up--we'll look for these!