November 16, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

I took this in sunny Hawaii! (I had a short four day visit to check on my dad, who just had surgery. He's doing great!) More pix coming next week. For those of you with any snow on the ground, I thought you might appreciate. Or maybe it will instead make you very very angry? Well if it's any consolation, I'm no longer gazing at this view either. And when I was there I couldn't stand outside gazing at it for any great length of time, otherwise I'd begin sizzling like a sausage. Me + Sun = Catastrophe.

I've been thinking of some COOL STUFF I'd like to...give MYSELF:

Ok I TOTALLY WANT this bath planetarium. This is amazing.

Also at the same shop as above, this shouting vase. Anyone? Shouting vase?

Just put 'Arthur's Christmas' at the top of the Netflix queue ~ my friend Jenny said she and her daughter adored it. We haven't seen it!

Glitter acorn ornaments. And check out Miss Robyn's acorns!

Love these little nordic elves.

Did I already show you guys this Christmas playhouse? I'm obsessed. (or did I just pin it on Pinterest. It's all blending together in my mind....) Scroll down through the post. I totally want to do this! Not sure where to put it tho.

Alien & Superhero Mask Kit.

Japanese crayons supposedly blow all others out of the water.

This Elderflower cordial would make a divine gift

This gorgeous calendar benefits relief organizations aiding those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Caramelized Pear Upside-Down Gingerbread.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Trolls Go Home' by Alan MacDonald and Mark Beech. We are nearly done with this fun little chapter book and Julia is LOVING it ~ she begs for more when we have to stop for the night.

So imagine my delight in discovering that there's a whole series of these hilarious Roald Dahl-esqe tales of a troll family who's had to relocate to the suburbs from the mountains of Norway after a run-in with some billy goats on a bridge (get the fairy tale ref?). The illustrations match the text perfectly in conveying the fun and humor imbued in the story. Julia hasn't been so excited for a book like this since 'My Father's Dragon'! I put all four of these books in the Julia's Bookbag shop.

Have a lovely weekend!! 'Twilight', baby. I'm seeing it out of loyalty, not out of excitement. At this point, my husband and his cat have a more exciting love story than Edward and Bella.



  1. I must have that bath planetarium! I think the manta ray sold me. :) Have a wonderful weekend Melissa! :)

    1. I'm telling you, that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen! If I don't hear from you for awhile, I'll know there's a baby arrival happening!!!

    2. Still pregnant here and three days late! I've asked Robyn to send you our baby announcement email whenever we get around to sending it out. :D xoxo

  2. Those books look wonderful! I must look for them. The bath planetarium has been on my if-I-were-rich-and-could-afford-to-be-really-really-frivolous list for a while now! The Christmas playhouse is freakin' AWESOME. I love the Nordic elves. Beautiful. Curious about Japanese crayons now. Happy Weekend!

    1. They are soooo funny, at least the first one is. Julia has now learned what a murderer is, ha ha. And a cannibal. But seriously, any Roald Dahl fan is going to love these!

  3. Hey! Thanks for adding me on your list this week :) that makes me happy happy! AND... I had no idea that Japanese crayons were so much better than ours, I'm really wanting a set now. Also, I am certain my kids would love those troll books. We read How to Train your Dragon every night. And I think we'll be doing that for a while seeing as how we're almost finished with book four but there's like 14 books in the series so far. They love it- so I love it! BUT maybe I should put the troll books on a Christmas list...

  4. The blue sky and gorgeous palm tree photo is breathtaking! Oh, how I love Hawaii! Glad you had a nice visit with your dad!