November 26, 2012

Julia's Bookbag Holiday Book List!!!

WOO-HOO! Ok my merry elves, strap on yo holiday cheer! Got it strapped? On yo...whatever? I have to preface this by saying I'm also going to be throwing out a Vintage Christmas book list as well. There are a MILLION holiday books. This list is just a teensy grain of sand in the ocean of holiday books. But we have to start somewhere, no? Some I've read, some I'm ordering, some are favorites from last year.

Top row across: 

~ 'Another Night Before Christmas' ~ illustrated by the King of Art Fantastic (he did 'Mouk'!) himself, Mr. Marc Boutevant.

~ 'A Merry Little Christmas' has the most charming and fun and DARLING and adorable art I've ever seen in a Christmas book. Yes you heard right, THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN! We've had it since Julia was 3.

~ 'Findus At Christmas'...hurry up library! We're waiting for this one! Love this series of books. (update: we got it! and read it! it's adorable. Among other happenings, Findus gives Pettson a potato peeler wrapped in a tea towel.)

Middle row:

~ 'Little Fairy's Christmas' has enchanting art and the sweetest story about a lost little fairy finding a place to rest on this special holiday. The moral? Kindness to others is a good thing!

~ 'The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher' is one I'm buying this year, after hankering after it since last year. It's been described as one of the all time great Christmas stories, a Must Read, and the most fun Christmas tale ever. People just lose their minds over this book. I must have it and Purple House Press has brought it back into print!

~ 'The Nutcracker: A Magic Theater Book' looks amazing. I have about 5 different versions of this most fabulous of holiday stories! This one is GORGEOUS and just came out October 2012.

Bottom row:

~ 'Richard Scarry's The Animals' Merry Christmas' is the one book you should get off this list, if you are thinking of adding only one new book to your holiday collection. You have to have it! Poems, short stories, longer stories, magical illustrations, and FUN -- I wrote about it last year as well. Truly a book the whole family can enjoy, as there are tales for Tiny Tots, as well as stories that older children can read that are more challenging in complexity and length. This would make a fantastic gift. That's how it came into our lives, from Julia's great-aunt!

~ 'Snowmen at Christmas' is for all of those who have wondered, what do snowmen do when no one is looking?? (Lots of fun cool stuff!)

~ 'Big Susan' is a TREASURE. A delightful chapter book that you can read to your kids ages 5 and up, or a great one for 7-9 year olds to read on their own. MAGIC. Dollhouse dolls come alive on one night a year. Christmas Eve.

So I hope that this gives you a place to start. I'll have my more vintage picks next week! May I remind you once again that NOW is the time to go find holiday books at the library....


  1. Great selection! So are you all decorated for Christmas already? We haven't started yet.

    1. Hung a few garlands!!! No trees until first week in Dec. ;)

  2. Shockingly, the only book on this list I've actually read is Snowmen at Christmas. That's nuts!!!

    My library bag can't contain our books right now. I have a gigantic stack of Christmas stuff out right now. In addition to a rather large collection of our own. I think I'm a little Christmas-crazy right now, and Advent doesn't even start until Sunday. :o)

    1. right here with you on the christmas crazy Miss D!!!

  3. I want I want I want them all!!!

    1. I just ordered the Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher book!

  4. I'd love to stumble across that richard scarry book at goodwill....maybe I'll have some luck this year. :) Looks perfect for my collection. :) Hooray! Christmas books are out at our house, too!