November 29, 2012

The Last Tiger

Before it turns into All Christmas, All the Time around here, I wanted to share the most darling book I received to review the other day. I was going to use it for a giveaway, but Julia was so enchanted with it, she was in tears at the thought of it leaving! So sorry! She's plumb wild about every kind of cat...big cats, little cats, wild cats...I guess she's inherited her father's crazy-for-cats gene.

So 'The Last Tiger' by Rebecca Elliott is staying with us. But if you have a cat loving youngster at YOUR house, then they too will be loving this sweet, sweet story centering on the friendship between a little boy and yep, you guessed it, The Last Tiger.

I'm super impressed at how concisely and cleverly the message of this tale is laid out. In a way that isn't preachy or heavy-handed, and remains easy for even a preschooler to grasp: If you trash the environment, there will be nothing left in nature to enjoy. So let's take care of and appreciate the natural world!

After we read the story for the first time, Julia said " Mom! This would be a great book for Earth Day!"  Indeed, wise grasshopper.

Again, I'm really blown away with how this message was handled. "A strange world where the people had forgotten what was important."

It's an interesting topic to discuss with kids. Imagine a world without animals! Without flowers. Or trees.

But all is not lost, friends! Because a plucky little guy named Luka befriends the shy tiger and the two pals bring beauty back to the world in the form of a secret oasis. 

And everyone remembers that once the world was lovely. And wouldn't it be a wonderful thing if it were so again? 

This uplifting message is important. And no child is too young to learn the value of taking care and appreciating the natural world of which we are just a part. I'm so thrilled I had the opportunity to review and share this one with you! The text is so tight and well done, and the art was absolutely gorgeous to my adult eye while also being engaging on a kid level.

If you want to see more of Rebecca Elliott's work, look here.


  1. Aww, this book looks wonderful. I do love books with a message, but over-the-top preachiness is annoying. If it's too heavy-handed, kids will tune out. (I do, too.) I'll need to find a copy of this one!

  2. This sounds like such a great book! And i agree, its never too late to instill those important lessons in our children. A world with no flowers, no animals...what a sad world that would be! We have a big fluffy kitty named Cocoa, so yes we love cats around here! And dogs! and rabbits! And the mice my daughter cries for me to take away from the know, the one we got to catch field mice in the first place ;)

  3. That is a wonderful message to convey to the children! The drawings are so cute too!

  4. Love this! Edward is obsessed with cats and Tigers. Definitely getting this for him for Christmas

  5. I loved this review so much I tweeted about it. Gr8 book review: «Julia's Bookbag: The Last Tiger» #kidlit #green #cats #books #TLChat Thanks, Melissa!

  6. Looks so sweet! Will have to check this one out. It looks like the kind of book that will make me cry WHILE reading it to my son ;)

  7. Only just stumbled across this amazing review of my book - thank you so much... really made my day. Rebecca xx

  8. And Hi Everyone! So glad you all liked the pix from this book ~ it's really special :)