November 20, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

So I have a little gift guide for you today! I must preface with a couple of things. One, I have a 6 year old GIRL. Sorry my friends with boys. I don't know what boys are into. But my kiddo is into lots of different things and there are definitely products on this list that will appeal to both genders. And two, some are items that I've never seen or used before, but several are toys/games that we own and have LOVED. Loved as in my kid has played with them overandoverandover for a good solid year. I'll point those out.

Third, I am not scared by plastic. I mean, I'm scared of it being in the ocean, but I'm not scared of it being in my home. My belief is that kids can't just play with natural colored wood all the time. I mean, they could, but um, that wouldn't be so fun, in my opinion.

1.) Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablets, $30-35. My father gave this to Julia for Christmas TWO YEARS AGO and she uses it almost everyday. I'm not joking. In terms of amount of use, this is BY FAR the gift she has loved and used most in her entire 6 yrs. And we never lost the pen! (although once it did fall into the toilet. Guess who got to retrieve it? ME. This is my #1 pick, I can't recommend it highly enough!

2) Barefoot Books World Atlas, $19.99. Julia loves facts. Right now she's very into learning about world geography and I'm strongly considering this book. I've never been let down by a book from Barefoot Books, ever.

3.) Crazy Cats game by Haba, $10.79. This tiny game, perfectly stocking-sized, is proof that great things come in small packages. Simply the most fun game that we currently own. I reviewed it completely here (ignore the terrible photos, I was just starting the blog).

4.) Free to Be You and Me CD, $6.28. I listened to this compilation of stories, songs and poems only a HUNDRED MILLION TIMES when I was about Julia's age. I adored it. So I'm getting it for her and reliving my childhood!

5.) Novi Stars dolls, $15.97. If you read the reviews, these dolls are supposedly very very cute and very very not the sturdiest. I'm getting one anyway for Julia because I know my kid and I know she's going to adore these dolls. Extra space galaxy clothes are available, which I am also going to get because these dollies appear to need some help in this arena, as 'scantily clad' would be a kind understatement. Aliens don't like clothes?

6.) Rainy Day Survival Kit, $39. One of Julia's aunts got this arts and crafts kit from the Land of Nod last year and she had the best time doing the projects all throughout the year. This was an EXCELLENT product and Julia loved it! This year's kit is a little different, but I imagine just as fun.

7.) Deluxe Combo Scratch Art Set, $14.23. Scratch art is totally fun. We have a mini scratch art pad that Julia adores. This mega kit looks reeeaalllly cool!

8.) Djeco Glitter Boards, $16-23. Djeco is one of my absolute favorite toy companies. The most beautiful art kits ever! Anything Djeco is gorgeous and amazing.

9.) Enchanted Forest game by Ravensburger, $18.40. I'm getting this for J. No idea if it will fly or not, but sometimes one has to take a leap of faith with a new game. For the most part, reviewers RAVED about this game, describing it as the 'defining game' of their childhoods. If your kids like 'Memory' type games (Julia does) and fairy tales, this game is supposed to be IT.

We LOVE games in our family and I'm looking to usher in a whole new round of board games, since I feel like my kiddo is ready to graduate to a new level of board gaming beyond the preschooler-type fare we've had for the past couple of years. (you can read the reviews on Amazon and also HERE.)

10.) eeBoo Play Papers, $7.95. Like Djeco crafts, every game or craft from eeBoo is super high quality and beautiful. The Play Papers would be fun to use....for most anything!

11.) Moulin Roty Shadow Puppet Theater, $46. SO BEAUTIFUL! And the shadow puppets?? Amazing.

12.) Beads Set from England, $19.50. This was described as the 'nicest bead set in the world.' Well alrighty! If you can't tell, I'm a big fan of crafty type gifts ~ I think they lend themselves to creativity and longevity so much more than a standard toy that will sit around getting dusty.


If you have any hot toy/game/holiday gift ideas that you think I should know about, YOU BETTER TELL ME, 'cuz I really want to know! My new motto this season ~ if you stop by, you better be in the mood to share. Books, games, treats, cool stuff, I want to know what you know! Or we can revel in our ignorance together, that's always fun too. XO


  1. The shadow puppets made me gasp! I love old silhouette animation, Lotte Reiniger and the like. I want that for myself! I agree on the eeBoo stuff. I love their art supplies! And I think some scratch art boards are going in the girls' stockings this year. Big Sis asked Santa for a phonograph this year! First she said phonograph and ukulele, but the ukulele has been replaced with "Easy Bake Oven." Kids...

    1. Seriously that shadow puppet deal is just...The Most. The most Everything. I've been eyeballing them for a year. I'd also love to have them for myself and then get dressed up and throw some kind of old-timey Victorian soiree of some kind :)

      Also, Easy Bake Oven yes! It's going to The Big Gift, either this year or next yr.

    2. I'm obsessed with Easy Bake Ovens. I want to make mini treats all day long, I really do.

    3. Kids are in school? Oooo, bite size brownies!

    4. TOTALLY! They have xtra kits you can get -- little pizza pockets and checkerboard cakes...I would like every last one!

    5. I've always wondered if you can make your own recipes in small pans in that oven??

    6. There used to be cookbooks for the old ovens! They were usually harder to find, and put out by indie presses. I know I used to sell one by a local woman called The Mom and Me Cookbook. I'm sure something must exist for the new oven style as well...

  2. Great Ideas!! Love the Boogie board!

    1. I'm telling you, the thing gets used EVERY DAY around here. EVERY DAY!

      Lately she likes to write little letters on it to show me, with a 'Please Respond' note at the bottom....;)

  3. Thanks for the great ideas! As you know, we're pretty much raising the same type of child, lol. My little girl is begging and pleading with Santa to bring her a toy horse big enough for her doll to ride (I have a pretty good idea that Santa will hear her pleas, hehe) She is just so in love with horses, it's like National Velvet up in here!
    That tablet looks like a really great gift. I'm gonna look into that. These kids are so high tech, aren't they?

    As for me...last christmas she got these crazy huge things like a toy kitchen and a tent. Then we rememberd 'oh yeah, our house is tiny!' so I'm going for compact Christmas. I'm thinking art supplies, and maybe things to make her feel fancy like her own bath robe and house shoes and I need to make her a new ballet bag since her other one bit the dust. I try to make a portion of our christmas so that it feels like true giving from the heart. Even though some of it (giant horse, cough cough) wont be made by my hands, some of it will, by golly! :D

    1. That sounds just lovely Heather!! One of Julia's school friends is longing for a bathrobe -- (I've been polling all of her friend wants a disco ball! So awesome!)

      J saw a commercial once for bed slippers that have stuffed animals on them and the ears move -- and she's been obsessed with them ever since...!!