December 9, 2012

Christmas Doodles

We had a small holiday gathering today and I have to share about Christmas Doodles. Have you seen these? This is the second year we've had this set, and the appeal is still going strong. A deck of double-sided cards that can be drawn on and erased, over and over, with the cutest scenes for kiddos to embellish, finish, and create their own Christmasy decorations. 

You can draw your own adornments upon an elf's hat, create winter scenes amidst snowy landscapes, decorate Christmas trees, draw on penguins, create candy canes, and fill in what might be inside a series of presents. Things like that. SO much fun! The holiday pack and also the Monster Doodles, oh my gosh, the longevity of these cards, I can't tell you, these have been some of the best purchases I've made for my kiddo, like, ever. Julia has sat for hours with these things. And she's not much one for doing a lot of sitting.

Great stocking stuffer, awesome party game, entertainment for a rainy or snowy day, OR for the summer when one is pining for the holidays ~ I can't rave about these cards enough!


  1. Oh, these look so cool! Little Sis is cleaning me out of paper in this house. I should invest in some wipe-clean fun. I need to look for these!