December 7, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

Hi friends! Let the Christmas o' Pink continue! Exciting things are afoot. My cold is nearly gone. I only blew my nose twice yesterday. Our trees (there are two!) are up, and I'll show them to you next week. We did something kind of crazy with our tree this year. Also next week: my wedding anniversary! And a fun celebration of St. Lucia (or what I call, Scandinavian Holiday Fun Day) on Dec. 13 that I'll be linking to over at Audrey Electric. In my heart, I'm Swedish/Finnish/Norwegian/or maybe a MOOMINTROLL, so I'm very excited about all of this.

COOL STUFF that made me happy this week:

Got this Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe pack awhile back, and the playdoh looks like funfetti! Good stocking stuffer.

Cinnamon and Ginger tea with persimmons.

This made me laugh and laugh. And laugh some more.

Beautiful wrapping!

Snap Circuits. (these look AMAZING)

Magical Reindeer Food!

Glitter Ball Cookies!

Sunny Christmas.

A gift guide where everything is $10 or under.

Cool Book of the Week: I reviewed a book last year called 'One Red Apple'. The art was enchanting. So I was excited to see the same author/illustrator duo had done this holiday book called 'Hanukkah Haiku'. I saw it at the library and it was SO PRETTY I quick stopped in my tracks. (Very Junie B. language eh? Julia's on a huge Junie B. Jones kick right now.) The book is laid out as a poem, detailing the elements of the Hanukkah celebrations, with blessings written in English and Hebrew. It's absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous!

Hanukkah Haiku
Have a lovely weekend! Julia and I have been going through the Christmas cookie recipe box my aunt gave us a few years ago. I think it's officially Cookie Time. Although I feel tired already at the prospect of the annual fight Andrew and I will be having over sugar cookies ~ to frost, or not to frost. (I vote frost, because I have more than a modicum of sense.)



  1. LOL@ the elf on the shelf post. I do elf on the shelf for Keira but I keep it very basic. Sometimes he has a little treat with him for her, and every day a little note with a Christmas joke. But our elf definitely does NOT cause mischief around the house. As if I don't have enough messes to clean up! :)

    1. Ome moved into our house just this year, and it's just moving around! THAT'S IT.

  2. I am looking forward to the Scandinavian Holiday fun next week! Yes, I am also obsessed with everything Swedish and Norwegian. I hope to visit there some's on my list!! Oh, and I cannot wait to see your trees! Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. The elf on the shelf ... that made me laugh so much! Thanks for the gift guide... I am such a sucker for those lists...

    1. I thought that one from Mallory was particularly cool :)

  4. Cinnamon and ginger tea. yum! Will have to check out the kids book. Looks lovely! And glitter cookies? Awesome!

    1. I would make those glitter cookies PINK!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The illustrations in that book look amazing! Alas, our library doesn't have it. :o( The gift wrapping is spectacular, and probably beyond my capabilities - BEAUTIFUL, though. We totally need to make reindeer food again this year. I like the look of this recipe! I love what I've heard of Sunny Christmas, so far. PREEEEETTTTYYY cookies! I love this gift guide. We just returned from Lindsborg, KS, where we watched the town's St. Lucia be crowned! It was awesome!

  6. Oh. :( I miss it when my kids were little. But I still keep their favorite books which I think is a cool idea to share in my blog soon.