December 21, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like


Also, Yoda wants you to know he is the Master of the Force even when wearing a Santa hat and an angel robe and standing in this radical Christmas tree. There is a house we go look at every year that has truly reached epic levels of Christmas light SUPERSTAH!ness. I think they want to be on the news. They probably have already been on the news. These people have INFLATABLES. They have their own radio station that plays holiday music as you look at their house, and a special drive through driveway. What's amazing is that they are not content to rest on their laurels. Oh no. Every year they DO MORE. I think soon they will have an acre's size of lights set up. They start right after Halloween, getting it all ready! I think Yoda is new this year.

COOL STUFF to celebrate light and beauty....

NEW MIYAZAKI MOVIE???? About the Moon Princess Kaguya-Hime? (one of my favorite stories!)

The most beautiful ornaments I have ever ever seen EVER.

Check out my friend Danzel's Great Big Nutcracker post!

You must see this site. Like something out of a dream.

Chocolate Chip Nutella Candy Cane Cookies.

Happy Home.

A lovely ode to teachers from my friend Vanessa.

Children's Christmas Cake.

Jam-Filled Cream Cheese Cookies. (I've made them and they are amazing.)

Love this star map.

Cool Book of the Week:  'A Coyote Solstice Tale' by Thomas King and Gary Clement. Just got this hilarious little jolly from the library and I thought WOW I AM A GENIUS, because it's like, THE SOLSTICE. And by genius, I mean, I just happened upon this book and I'm actually not a genius, but wasn't that cosmic that I found this here book? I wasn't even looking for solstice books! Anyhoo, it's super cute. The rundown is that a little girl befriends Coyote and his merry band of forest animals as they are celebrating the solstice and decides to take them to...the mall, to go shopping. Coyote thinks this is all the bees knees until he realizes one has to PAY for the things you get at the mall. He also wonders if one can buy cheer and goodwill. (well if it comes in a bottle.......I'm sorry, I think my mind just went to an inappropriate place...)

Have a lovely weekend friends ~ I have a couple of Merry Christmas posts lined up and ready to go for next week, but then I'll be doing something I haven't done in nearly 2 years of blogging -- taking the rest of the week off. Andrew and I will be ringing in the New Year the same way we always do, taking in the 'Twilight Zone' marathon and making some kind of food from a far-flung and foreign locale that we've never made before, its become our little tradition.



  1. Sounds like a fun plan for New Year's!

    1. I got sick one year for New Years and we stayed home, and after that we discovered that it was way more fun watching Twilight Zone than going out!

  2. That house sounds amazing! And I love those ornaments, too. They are absolutely stunning!

    And, of course, all of those treats sound sooooo yummy! Those jam-filled cookies sound dee-lish! :)

    1. this house, oh my, it just is the most crazy thing...and they still haven't run out of room for more lights, it's a huge piece of property! I'm planning on making the jammy cookies after christmas when I have SOME TIME :)

  3. When I had cable, I ALWAYS watched the Twilight Zone marathons! (I guess I could do that whenever I want to now. Twilight Zone is on Netflix.)


    Thank you for the link. ;o)

    Those fairiess!!!! Omigosh, I want! The skaters... I just went to the seller's website. There's a bunch more.

    That blog is beautiful. Nutella will be downfall someday. Happy Home looks awesome. Cool star map. Vanessa's post is so beautiful. My hubby read it last night and loved it, too.

    1. Oh - and MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! xxxxxooooo

    2. we don't have cable anymore either, so we're going to be able to watch episodes that we haven't seen before, instead of being at the mercy of the TV :)

      Merry Christmas to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  4. I'm absolutely in love with those ornaments. Need.

    Anyway, enjoy your time off and have a great holiday. We have no NYE plans, as yet. Two years ago we stayed in and watched Metropolis but I can't for the life of me think what we did last year. Hmm.

    1. they are seriously the greatest things I've ever seen. Andrew says I don't need any more ornaments. HE'S CRAZY, how can anyone NOT need these??

      Loved 'Metropolis', that was such a fun little movie!

  5. I am so excited about this post entry I don't even know where to start...

    Ok first, OMG can't wait to see Kaguya-hime!!!! I just can't wait. I have not been this excited about a movie announcement since the LOTR (yeah that's a pretty long time ago).

    Those ornaments are way too pretty to be displayed only during Christmas!

    Reading people's Nutcracker posts makes me really giddy about it. I mean I can't wait to read it to my baby daughter and take her to see the ballet once she'll be old enough :)

    Thanks for linking all those fantastic websites Melissa!!! Always worth reading!

    1. YAY YAY, another Miyazaki fan! I'm really excited! I hope it's better than 'Arietty', I was a bit disappointed in that one. I'm so happy you like the Friday posts Miss Cherie, they're my favorite posts of the week usually :)