December 1, 2012

On the first day of Christmas....

The big present is this book. It's as great as I hoped it would be!

They appear larger in the picture, but most of these Advent treats are the tiniest! An inch long! Coins, candy, stay up late notes, and little games from the dollar bin at Target, plus a few trinkets I picked up from Hawaii, when I was there a couple of weeks ago. I seem to recall stopping in the Hello Kitty store to get some candy. *cough*

Some of the other treasures: Hair clips, hot cocoa packets, a candy cane, a little glass animal, a Hot Chocolate flavor Pop Tart with marshmallow filling. I don't usually go for such fare, but sometimes when a Pop Tart beckons, you have to answer the call. I tried to keep things tiny, consumable and not anything that was going to increase the amount of plastic junk in the house. Or spoil Miss J any more outrageously than she already is. 

I had so much fun wrapping all of these tiny treats! 

(So in love with my wrap! Cost Plus, my elvies. THE BEST place ever.)


  1. Awesome! Hooray for Advent calendars! xxxooo

    I learned my lesson twice with the chocolate window Advent calendars. In high school, we sold them every year for my German class fundraiser. I always bought several, one to use correctly, the rest to leave in my locker to snack on. When Big Sis was one, we got one for her. Sometime close to the end, she figured it out, and started working on breaking it open. Oops. Chocoholism runs in families.

  2. What a great way to do the Christmas advent calendar! I will copy your idea for next year if you don't mind ;-) This year the good old chocolate calendar will have to do!

  3. Very Cute! I am not sure if I am glad J is too little to appreciate today being the first day of Advent or not...Things to look forward to! :-)

  4. Julia is SO excited! Although there was a certain 'tone' in her voice when she saw that the first present was clearly a book. "Is this....a book?" (Pause.) "I can't wait to open #2!"

  5. You're the best mom ever... My kids are getting a tiny chocolate a day...

    1. If I had multiple kids, this would not be happening! One of my best friends from Hawaii has 2 kiddos, and she said she tried to fill their Advent boxes with treats everyday and then gave up on Day 8 ;)

  6. Looks so fun! Especially the hello kitty surprises! I know she is enjoying this!