Come Over to My House


March 7, 2012

One more Dr. Seuss:

My neighbor loaned me ‘Come Over to My House’ by Dr. Suess, when he was writing as Theo LeSieg. Isn’t it fab? Another one I had never read before. It’s so cheerful and fun, showing houses and children from all over the world. Adorable. It’s been a great shock to me to realize that there are many Dr. Seuss books that I have never heard of or read! This one is out of print and the used ones on Amazon are not cheap -- I would try the library or Ebay.

I think my neighbor might want her book back, she loaned it to me in the fall. . .

Secret Notes


March 5, 2012

Friends, I saw this secret letter box in a toy shop this past holiday season and nearly fainted. Julia wasn’t with me thank goodness, and I was able to squeal and jump and clap my hands without her there to wonder why I was freaking out more than normal. This thing seriously stopped me dead in my tracks.

The bottom lower drawer pops open when you open the top lid – COOL. There are teeny tiny notecards. Teeny tiny stickers. Instructions for folding your teeny tiny notes. But coolest of all, there are TWO secret decoder pens that on one side writes in invisible ink and then on the other side of the pen, it highlights and makes visible the hidden ink!

Ok, this thing would be THE MOST AWESOME birthday present for someone or just THE MOST AWESOME present period, for a holiday or what-have-you. Amazon has it right now for an insane price. After Julia uses up all the stuff, the box itself will make a radical jewelry box or an all purpose hide-your-treasures-in box.

Is this not the cutest thing EVER??

Happy Birthday Dr.Seuss!


March 2, 2012

Double posting today because I didn't want to leave you hanging without a Friday COOL STUFF list, but I had to make sure we gave Many Happy Returns of the day to Mr. Theodor Suess Geisel, aka Dr. Suess.

LOVE 'I Wish That I Had Duck Feet' -- such a fun one that we read all the time.

I'm dying to check out this just-released last year (in 2011) book, 'The Bippolo Seed':

Seven stories that were considered 'lost' and/or rarely seen, have been put together in this collection! I cannot wait to read this one with Miss Julia!

Do you have a favorite Dr. Seuss book? Mine is 'I Can Read With My Eyes Shut' just because it refers to a creature called "Foo-Foo the Snoo."

Cool Stuff I Like


 A little dose of Hawaiian beach to brighten up what's left of the winter around here......

Happy Start to March COOL STUFF today:

Andrew is going to create his own version of this cardboard castle for Julia.

Super cute craft letters from Land of Nod.

Yummy Books blog. Is this not the COOLEST? Books and food!

Candy Apple Crunch Jam.

Everyday Chocolate Cake. (I often feel like I need something like this every day. Have I posted this before?)

Indoor Hopscotch. (via Silly Eagle Books)

Julia just made this necklace on her 100th day of school!

Super cute. (Literally!)

Cool Book of the Week: ‘Leprechaun Tales’ by Yvonne Carroll. We’ve had this book for several years now but this year might the first time Julia will be able to fully appreciate it – there are six short stories in this book all about mischievous leprechauns and fairy rings that will trap a stray human who strays too close – I read it to her when she was 4 but the stories were a bit over her then.

Have fun pronouncing names like “Niamh”, “Eithne”, “Eoin” and “Sidhe”!

Leprechaun tales
Have a lovely weekend! We’re going to try and do. . .nothing.




March 1, 2012

Did you catch that title up there? I’m just going to keep repeating it: Domo!


Domo with candy and a TV on his head!!

Domo in the World
Domo in the World’ !!! (Wherein Domo flies a kite and falls in love with a pillow.)

‘Domo’ !!! (Wherein Domo has many many adventures of the destroying variety.)

I haven’t read any ‘Domo’ books yet but I want to, oh how I want to! I think Julia would adore these – she loves her Domo plushy that she won here, oh so much! This is the rundown of the plot I saw on Amazon – doesn’t it sound AWESOME???

“In these stories, Domo wreaks havoc on his friend Tashanna's Wii, wins a box car race by being the car, and decides to be whatever he sees on TV, including Tarzan, a samurai, and finally, a chef.”

If you think life will be a sad and lonely place unless you have your own Domo, you can find them here.

(Image credit of candy/TV Domo: via

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