June 7, 2012

Ok maybe snowy capped mountains don't really scream 'Hey Summer!' but I saw 'Hildafolk', this comic book story about a little girl having magical adventures in the wilds of Scandinavia, somewhere online and then I lost track of it. Then it popped again here. Clearly, I was getting a sign of some sort.

Very Moomin-esque, it seems to me! You can order directly from UK author Luke Pearson's website and from sellers on Amazon, but I've read that it was supposed to become more widely available in the U.S. starting in April of this year.

Read this to get the plot rundown.

Here's what I've heard said about awesome Mr. Luke Pearson:

"If you haven't heard of Luke Pearson, buddy, you have been hiding under a particularly uninteresting rock this past year."—Dan Berry, The Comics Bureau


"Channelling Tove Jansson and Hayao Miyazaki...."  ~ Paul Gravett.

Yes, yes, yes.

You can order 'Hilda and The Midnight Giant' here.

Apparently 'Hildafolk' is only 24 pages, but 'Hilda and The Midnight Giant' is longer, more typical story length, 40 pages or so. I am soooooo getting both of these!

(I just noticed those PUPPY LOOKING ROUND THINGYS FLOATING IN THE in the second pic-- so awesome!!!)

Very Fond of Food


June 6, 2012

I don't know what it is about the British food writers...Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Tamasin Day Lewis, Nigel Slater...and Sophie Dahl. They are just so FUN TO READ. And their recipes are so fun to cook!

Sophie Dahl has won my heart completely. Her writing is just enchanting. Her voice is so witty, so warm, so sweet. She's written a lot about the way food has impacted her life, her body, and her memories, and her writing voice is something you won't soon forget when you read her work. Her first book, 'Miss Dahls's Voluptuous Delights', is incredibly detailed in the way she discusses how eating issues affected her body image and her career as a plus-size model. The way she was able to make peace with her figure, and the manner in which she fed her body, while learning how to have a positive, meaningful and healthy relationship with food is inspiring.

Strong writing genes in Miss Sophie's family! Her grandfather was the genius Roald Dahl, and she served as her grandfather's inspiration for the Sophie character in his book, 'The BFG'. Imagine having one of the true children's storytelling greats OF ALL TIME as your grandfather.

All of Sophie's recipes are seasonally based and I was thrilled as punch that Andrew gave me her newest book, 'Very Fond of Food: A Year in Recipes' for Mother's Day. Did I mention that the food photography in her books is divinely gorgeous as well?

If you love food, love pretty pictures, love fun and engaging conversations about food AND want some clever recipes, you gotta check out Sophie. (I was going to say: "If you're very fond of food, you must read 'Very Fond of Food', but there are some depths of lame to which I refuse to sink. Not many though.)

Cutie Fab From Kawaii Kids


June 5, 2012

Hey friends! It's been ages too long since we've taken a peek at the extreme darling awesomeness from my friends at Kawaii Kids. So let's rectify that RIGHT NOW, shall we? A little collection of cuteness a kiddo might want to be bedecked in for summer....

Candy High Top Sneakers, Pink Strawberry, $40.

Annika Flower Swing Cape, $44.

Fedora Hat, Red & White Check, $22.

Pink Melody Tee, $19.

Ooh La La Girls Sunglasses, Ruby Red, $16.

Super Pop Tee, $29.

Brick Watch (Rose Pink), $20.

Mimori Bag, Girl & Monkey, $20.

I have to state with no embarrassment whatsoever that I would cheerfully wear any of the above items if they came in adult sizes, even the cape....and I ADORE the hat!

Life at Home. In June.


June 4, 2012

Nothing like getting a peek at the rip roaring revelry that goes on around here! I'm so impressed with that sweet alliteration I'm going to say it again slowly in italics for ya: rip. roaring. revelry. The whole reason I read blogs is because I want to see what y'all are doing inside your homes. I AM SO NOSY. So from time to time, I will totally repay the favor and show you all the action packed...us sitting around doing not much. FUN right?

I kid you not, this is pretty much where Sally spends 99% of her day. The other 1% of the day she is looking for my sweater to eat. If you ever hear of my sudden and unexpected demise, please send the authorities over to investigate the cat. She's just biding her time until I am out of the picture and Andrew is all hers. I've never seen a cat love a human the way Sally loves Andrew. It's creepy and hilarious and sweet.

Also please note my AWESOME green nordic inspired pajama botttoms. This is what I'm wearing when I'm writing to you sweet people. Try and get that image out of your head.

All I can see in this photo are my nostrils. There. Now that is all you will be able to see too! I totally feel like we have bonded since I have now discussed my nostrils with you. Do you like my polka dotty sweater? One day soon I will most likely forget to put it away and then Sally will probably eat it. I got it at Target. They have the best cardigans in the whole wide world. I just got this one.

Here is my bed. It never looks like this. For some reason I made the bed, and I was so impressed with myself I had to document this odd made-bed-phenomenon and take a picture of my nice bed. The bed is made maybe two times a month. I have tried every system in the world to get my bed made and the most I've ever made it to is four days and then it all falls to heck. Are you impressed with my nicely made bed? I am.

Rosebud is looking at robins. What else would you like to see? Some books?

'Bedtime Stories' by Thornton W. Burgess is a book that maybe was mine? Or it belonged to my little bro? I can't remember. But when I went to Maui to visit my dad last December, I found this beauty hiding in the attic. And it came home with me. And I've been reading it to Julia. And she LOVES it. I wrote about my love for the Thornton Burgess books in this post; they are SO worth seeking out.

Pajamies, lovestruck cats, vintage books and a properly made bed. Our June is off to an exciting start!

Cool Stuff I Like


June 1, 2012

We found a Hawaiian-style shave ice (aka snow cone) vendor at one of the local Farmer's Markets in the area! This made me all kinds of happy. There was lychee fruit flavor! That one is hard to find. Julia got three flavors which mixed into some kind of flame colored, tongue-staining, passion fruit paradise. This was GOOD shave ice -- lots of syrup. It's a huge bummer when you get the vendors who don't squirt enough syrup onto the ice. If you can't really taste a ton of syrup and your tongue isn't stained for hours afterwards, it's not good shave ice and you need to move on. (and if you're on Maui, check these guys out.)

I'm going to write down my biggest wish for this summer, in the hopes that the act of writing it down on the internet will make it more likely to come true. Please be warm, please be warm, please be warm. Last year, I kid you not, the weather did not really turn summer-like until mid-August. I swear I'm not making that up. People called it the summer that never happened. I feel like this summer will be better because I'm going to will it to be warm and sunny with all of my being.

Happy June 1 COOL STUFF:

This Artist-on-the-Go Kit is beautiful!

You must see the cuteness of these Magic Blackboards.

One of my favorite warm weather pasta recipes.

And you better believe I am making this trifle.

Darling finger puppets from Mudpuppy toys. (also these and these!)

Cute Kitty Magnets because everyone needs cute kitty magnets. AM I RIGHT?

It kills me that these pajamas are UK based. Toast = Cool Stuff.

Everyone should have a Happy Mug.

Cool Book of the Week: Actually I don't have a book for you this week. I have a video. Have you heard about 'Clara Tales'? It's a series of short fairy tale videos, narrated and performed by kids! There's one available to see right now, and more are to follow in the coming months. It's DARLING, you must see! Head over to the 'Clara Tales' website to see the video, outtakes,  fun art activities, and project updates. (The next video is going to be 'Clara and the Trolls', click HERE for a preview.)

HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND! We've got a big trip to Ikea planned. A couple times a year, I inflict a trip to Ikea upon Andrew. He's tremendously sad about it. Julia is thrilled, she's excited for meatballs!


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