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July 6, 2012

Hi friends! Hope those of you in the states had a fantastic 4th and are prepping for a fun weekend. Or maybe your weekend started on the 4th? For the next few days....wait for it....we might hit 80 degrees! I can't believe it! We're going to the beach! We're going to squirt watersquirters! We're going to buy a beach tent because my skin doesn't know how to deal with sun anymore! Andrew's been making tons of our favorite summer drink, iced green tea with mint leaves. (The mint came from our garden and I have to watch it like a hawk because it's spreading like crazy. I had to go yank a bunch out. My aunt told me if you plant it in the ground in a pot, the pot will contain the mint roots underground. Genius! But I didn't do that.)

COOL STUFF this week:

Paper flower balls for the crafty amongst you.

Fabulous cupcake and cake fish birthday cake!

Summer Party Recipes (via Whole Living)

OMG Chicken Parm.

The sweetest baby room I've seen in a long while.

I am SO IN LOVE with Dos Family. Obsessed really. (Also I want to be a Swedish children's talk show host in an alternate reality!)

Coolest cardboard castle. Even cuter then ours! ha ha

I'm not done with S'mores links. Nope. Here's bear s'mores!

Speaking of Dos Family, I really think this is the most brilliant idea ever. (the shoe thing.)

Cool Book of the Week: Julia and I both had a great time with 'Adopt A Glurb' by Elise Gravel. This nifty little comic-style book will tell you everything you need to know about the care and feeding of glurbs. They like to be tickled, they like to unroll toilet paper rolls and they smell stinky even when they're clean! Awesome right? Everyone needs a glurb!

Balloon Toons: Adopt a Glurb

Have a lovely weekend! Eighty degrees. I don't know what to do with myself!


Mr. Gumpy's Outing


July 5, 2012

My mom-in-law loaned me the classic, 'Mr. Gumpy's Outing' by John Burningham, to borrow for awhile. I've decided that it's the loveliest summer read for the preschool crowd.

I like books like this. ("What's this Melissa?") I'm so glad you asked. I have the greatest fun with the imaginary conversations I have with you all in my head, FYI.


Old fashionedy.

Stunning art.

And funniness. (Mr. Gumpy's hat falls off into the water! Tee hee.)

Also, there appears to be a scene where the animals and Mr. Gumpy are having some kind of tea party with an awesome looking cake. Does it have strawberries on top? Currants?

I think I want to have an outing like Mr. Gumpy's. Excluding the falling into water and including the tea party.

A perfect summer book.

Happy 4th!


July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July to my fellow American friends! And happy day to the rest of you!

Last year, I ran a post that featured Miss Julia doing some outdoor easel painting with red, white and blue paints and I thought that this year, I'd do the same thing. Because I'm a creature of habit. So here's Miss J, painting away with a pal. I hope your day today is colorful as well! Also, here's an awesome red, white and blue pie I made last year. 

(if you can't see fireworks for some reason, you can check out the coolest fireworks in the history of the world right here. that's right. history of the world.)

The Sun Came Out! (Last Month)


July 3, 2012

I sound like a broken record but when the sun comes out, I feel like it has to documented, noted (is that the same as documenting?) and photographed. (I am SO sorry for those of you in the 107 heat! Here I am complaining about our lack of sun. I am so insensitive! Why must it be 107? Why must it be grey here even in the summer? Why weather, why?) I would like to point out that I took these pix over a month ago. Last time we really saw the sun.

So I snapped some picsies (picsies! not to be confused with pixies! I'm so sorry....) of my glowy girl and just for jollies (someone please help me), threw one in of me. Random thoughts of the day: holy Batman, what is going on with my hair color? I keep asking my colorist to keep me pretty dark, because my natural hair is pretty dark. And because I'm living in opposite land apparently, I keep coming out lighter. At this rate, I'll be blond soon. Andrew says I should just tell her to color it straight black and then it will come out a few shades lighter than that and it'll be the color I want. Why do I color? Because I refuse to go grey gracefully. (Actually I refuse to do most things gracefully...)

Maybe this blog could be about hair AND books. Because I'm really obsessed with both, as you can see. (I also have a Pinterest board devoted to hair.) 

On a less ridiculous note, I am just loving having my glowy girl at home with me. It's so fabulous being able to hug her a million times a day and kiss her a few more times than that, (she's probably getting tired of me hanging all over her) anytime I want! I don't have to wait 6 hours until school is out! There's been a lot of snuggle-festing going on around here. The snuggle-festing is winning over pouting and fussing. (I include myself as an all-too-willing participant in any and all pout festivals that occur around here. It happens.)

But anyway......Happy glowy day to you!



July 2, 2012

Nothing has captured my daughter's imagination like the story and the movie 'Brave'. NOTHING. Not even dinosaurs when she was a toddler, and that was an intense phase, I can promise you. For weeks even before the movie came out, it was all she could talk about. It's all we play. And if you drop by, don't be surprised to hear us talking in Scottish (?) accents. Julia pretends to be Merida (of course) and I'm either the cook or Queen Elinor.

I don't know what it is really. A princess who shoots bows and arrows? Bears? But the kid cannot get enough. She wants to be Merida for Halloween. She wants to get a dog and name it Merida. She wants to drop her middle name and substitute....can you guess? MERIDA.

Also, she wants to know how old she has to be before she can dye her hair red and make it curly.

So imagine the mental yee-haw that went on inside my head when I saw 'Brave' A Big Golden Book at the grocery store. The grocery store! Actually I saw all three of the books you see above.

I got the Big Golden one. It's GORGEOUS, a lovely edition, not the cheaply made kind. I chose it because it's big (as they so kindly let you know on the cover), it very deftly and completely tells the entire story of the movie, and the illustrations inside are immensely detailed and fabulous.

'Big Bear, Little Bear' and  'Brave' the Little Golden Book were cute and would be great for younger kiddos, but I knew Julia could handle the text and would want the complete package of the big book. We've read it every day since she got it.

We loved the movie by the way. The bear stuff was a leeeeetle intense but Julia was up for it. She thinks it's the best movie she's ever seen -- that and 'A Little Snow Fairy Sugar.' (sigh. pink hair and waffles are still haunting my dreams...) In a nutshell, my wild princess considers the wild princess in 'Brave' to be a true kindred spirit who inspires every last bit of her imaginary life.

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