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September 7, 2012

We're now well and truly into the fall season, friends. Never mind that actual autumn is a few weeks way yet. I've already bypassed this month in my mind and I've been fussing over my Halloween books and thinking on which Halloween projects I want to do...But first I'm going to enjoy these lovely, golden days we've been having. We had a great Labor Day neighborhood picnic, and Julia spent the last few days of her summer vacation playing with her friends, and watching movies with me, and making mud pies. Real mud pies and playing with sticks! I don't know why I buy toys ever -- she's truly happiest playing with mud and sticks and empty boxes...although I do, with all of my being, want this toy. Or this one. And then I will play store and bakery for hours on end, forever. I'm obsessed with play stores! I would have loved to have been an old fashioned shop keep...I think.

Happy September COOL STUFF...

Did you all have a chance to check out my guest post at One Perfect Day? So fun, I adore Ness and her blog!

Russell Hoban's last book (a novel) looks intense and AMAZING.

Fall arrivals from one of my favorite online children's shops, Romp.

A whole lotta muffins.

Lovely thoughts about children.

Dark Chocolate Doughnuts. (and I just got my first doughnut pan! yippee!)

2013 Kokeshi Doll Agenda book. adore.

Marc Boutevant notecards! (he's the author of 'Mouk')

I think this would be a nice after school snack ~ Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.

And the aforementioned cake came from a site called Storybook Home Journal, which I discovered via my Pinterest pal Belinda. I am SO intrigued! Apparently you can order any number of story-themed mini-magazines that feature recipes, gardening and decorating ideas, as well as art projects inspired by classic literary works. I'm going to order several, after checking out their list!

Cool Book of the Week: 'Little Rabbit Goes to School' by Harry Horse. Saw this the other day and had a flood of memories about my now first grade Big Kid going off to preschool for the first time. No other school experience was as wrenching for me to handle as that first preschool morning. I felt like someone had torn off my arm. Flash forward to this past week and my attitude was "Bye sweetie! Catch ya on the flip side!" (tee hee)

Isn't this book just the darlingest?? Love the watercolor drawings! Little Rabbit's toy, Charlie Horse, 'wants' to come to school on Little Rabbit's first day. And then Charlie Horse is a naughty rascal...Or is it Little Rabbit? SO cute for those little preschoolers going off for their first adventures away from home!

Have a lovely weekend! Hope September is being kind and lovey to you thus far...


Guest Post on One Perfect Day


September 6, 2012

Hey friends! I had the extremely delightful pleasure of guest posting at One Perfect Day, please go over and take a peek at our 'soup' creations ~ such fun!

(If you are a first time visitor to One Perfect Day, what a treat is in store for you ~ Projects, crafts, parenting tips, sensory activities and good messy play fun. While you're peeking around visiting Ness, you're going to want to check out her Pinterest boards, which are so chock full of fun ideas for kids you're not going to believe it!)

Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade


September 5, 2012

_DSC0165_DSC0169_DSC0160I got Julia ‘Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade’ by Stephanie Greene as a little going back to school present…

along with these jazzy shoes o’ fantastic (guaranteed to induce sparkle stupor, just FYI):

Is this a look, or is this a look? Actually, this isn't a look, it’s a LIFESTYLE.

The story is one of a series (the Halloween one is next!) and I love it because it’s the simplest little chapter book ever. Each chapter is only 2 or 3 pages long with a little picture on each page. Julia could probably read this all on her own but we read it together and can I just say that kids who tease, well naughty naughty them. Boo. Not to open the can of worms that surrounds kid bullying but I have zero tolerance for teasing. I can’t remember a lot of things from childhood but I can remember EACH and EVERY time I was ever teased and could recall it with perfect clarity for you, in stunning detail.

_DSC0171Anyhoo, two little stinkers tell Miss Posey that there are snakes and a monster in the hall of her new first grade, but she knows better and pokes one of them with a stick to see if his blood is red. (he claims he has no blood, only ink.) YAY POSEY, you go girl. Ok I’ve made this book sound way violent and intense and it’s not, it’s very lighthearted and sweet. But it does touch on some key kid feelings, like losing one’s place as the baby of a family, starting elementary school and dealing with punks who try and tell you a bunch of hooey. Ok now it sounds all intense again. It’s not.

My kiddo is so excited to finally be a first grader, she thinks it's all so terribly more grown-up-ish than being a kindergartener....

Spider Magazine


September 3, 2012

_DSC0086Yay!! I can pass my magazine obsession down to the next generation!! I’ve had my eye on Spider for awhile now but was waiting until Julia was old enough for it…

_DSC0131Finally got an issue of this cute cute mag for kids and my high hopes for it were met and then some. Does anyone really say “and then some!” in actual conversation? I do. I also say “the bee’s knees.”

_DSC0132_DSC0133I especially liked this Chinese creation myth about making people and animals out of cosmic playdough basically ~ and I totally am digging the fire coming out of the mouth of goddess Nu Wa!

_DSC0134There are poems, stories, crafts, a treat recipe, and puzzles…on every page the art was knockout gorgeous and really well done.

_DSC0135_DSC0136LOVED this ‘Space Kids Go Back to School’ puzzle. Cute, googly eyed, non-scary little aliens!

_DSC0137‘Doodlebug and Dandelion’ features a character called Queen Bucketboots and it’s about a girl shrinking down to dollhouse size, which is one of my most favorite themes in stories. I’m really obsessed with all things dollhouse related.

‘Princess Zouk’ features a story with a witch named Sarsaparilla who lets her witch daughter practice magical spells, and I am here to tell you that I’ve legally been an adult for quite some time, and I still just love this kind of stuff! Magical spells and silly witches! Do you think it’ll be weird when I am 60 years old and still watching ‘Vampire Diaries’?? (Andrew: “yes.”)

_DSC0138I think I’m going to start up a subscription to this one. It might make a welcome change from the Disney Princess mag my ma was getting J last year. (no offense Disney Princesses ~ go Team Merida!)

Once Upon A Time


September 1, 2012

HAPPY SEPTEMBER! I was sorting through some pictures of books and other things I want to share in the next month and realized that I love and hate this time of year, blog-wise -- so much material. Not the worst problem, but from time to time I'm going to throw in some of what I'm calling mini-posts, just to make sure some tiny nugget of awesome doesn't get away from me that I want to share!

I'm happily surprised that Julia has taken IN A BIG WAY to this vintage book of fairy tales I happened upon. I thought the slightly old fashioned language and heavy text would put her off. She loves it! We've read every single story and she's been asking for several of them to be read again. There's a bit of people eating by various ogres and instances of fairy tale gruesome ends to villains, and man, she's into it.

Fairy tales are so awesome.

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