February 5, 2013

Your Feet Really Stink

That's not actually the whole title of today's book, as you can see. But that's the part that drew me in.

I was going to prepare a lovely collage of Valentine's books, but I used up all my energy making a collage of Happy Chinese New Year books (which is a much cooler holiday in my opinion), so you get one Valentine's book suggestion from me this year. I know, it's devastating.

I like 'Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink' by Diane de Groat so very much because throughout most of the book, the kids are being punks to each other.

And let's be real, my friends. We all love our children. But kids are punks. You know it's true! At any given moment, 'Lord of the Flies' is a real and highly probable fact.

The hero of this little tale starts off by thinking it would be fun to send valentines that say what's really on his mind. Man, do you ever feel like doing that? 

"Dear (nameless person). You are the most annoying planet and don't even know it. Happy Valentine's Day!"

Just for a week, how liberating would it be to send emails, letters, Facebook status updates....saying WHAT YOU REALLY THINK?? (Andrew thinks I already do this far too often on Facebook and that people don't really need to know what phase of my cycle I'm in.) I'm cringing at the emotional wasteland that would be left. If everyone just let it fly. Oh this is terrible idea, it would be like a real-life horror film. Or comedy.

Children do this so much more than adults. They have no filters. This can often yield moments of hilarity and pain, I've found. ("Mama, the new vitamin drink you got me is ODIOUS and REVOLTING." We've been reading a lot of Roald Dahl, can you tell?)

I guess this is why we have spouses or significant others. They get to hear what we really think. And polite and civil society rolls on.....

But then....our little hero tries to focus on the positive and see what's good about his friends. Like smelling like a PB&J sandwich.

I do love Valentine's Day oh so much! Julia has her Valentine's cards all picked out. It was a tough call between Littlest Pet Shop Valentines and these scratch 'n sniff ice cream cards. But the ice cream won. Some year I want to do this super creative Valentine-making idea.


  1. This book is tucked inside my library bag still waiting to be read! I'm surprised we haven't pulled it out yet- well you can be sure we will today! Yeah, I think you're right... we have spouses in order to be able to say all that stuff thats inappropriate to say out loud to everyone else. And I think I like it that way. I'm not thick skinned enough to hear crap about me from other people (middle school lasted way too long as it was).

    1. Oh fun you have it too! It's our one poor lonely Valentine's booky :)

  2. I wanted to make homemade Valentines this year - we used to do that when Big Sis was in preschool - but she informed me that store-bought is so much easier, so that's what we will do. Sigh.

    I like everyone to get along. I hate confrontation, I hate arguing, I hate being uncomfortable. I never discuss politics on FB anymore (and I'm very,very opinionated), for example, because too many people are mean about it. I am very self-conscious, too. I need sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops! Yay human filters! Lucky for me, Big Sis is a lot like me and doesn't blurt out inappropriate stuff, and Little Sis is shy in public and only says the crazy stuff in the comfort of her own home. Because at home, she is crazy. Craaaaazy.

    1. Julia spends HOURS at home dissecting and discussing her day and who made her mad that day. I live in complete and utter terror of the teen years.

      I used to post a lot of about what I was eating for lunch on FB, that sort of thing. And now I don't really anymore b/c I have my blog. So now I can both talk about my lunch and then take a picture of it, because that's the most compelling part of my day really.

  3. Just the title is enough for me to want that book LOL! Kids are very honest. They really don't hold back!

    Oh facebook... My family are all asking me to join so I can share the baby photos but I prefer the good old snail mail or email way. I probably won't have time to read all the FB updates anyway!

    Odious and revolting? Hahaha! I love it! Reading is always the greatest way to build vocabulary :P

    1. Kids and elderly people! No filters!

      yeah, i had to laugh at the 'odious' comment.....her daddy actually taught her that particular nugget :)