April 22, 2013

Bookshelf Tour!

Hey this is a small miracle! I actually am delivering on a promise I made last week, in our vacation post ~ I promised to show the books that live in my friend's daughter's room. Usually when I make vague promises to show something on the blog, I'm relying on your hopefully poor memory, because I usually flake out on such promises or get around to it half a year later....

Anyhoo, (it's a real word in the dictionary! I can use it AS MUCH AS I WANT!) I saw lots and lots of super fun books in this fun, happy room.

Just have to warn you. If I ever come into your home, I can promise you two things. 1) I will come bearing a camera. And 2) I will get down on the floor and paw through every book that you own.

If you're at all fond of books (and if you're here, I assume that you like books, JUST A LITTLE), then the sight of this bookcase makes you feel happy and squishy inside. Do books make you feel squishy inside? They make me feel squishy inside.

Love love love the dollhouse bookcase! Do I have a source? No I do not. Pickle, I'll have to ask my friend.

And here's what I found on the shelves....

Do you all love the 'Fly Guy' books? I actually haven't read them yet, but Julia has at school and she thinks they're great.

Sorry for the blurry. Not my finest camera moment. But isn't this the coolest? My friend has a lot of the original Babar books. I'd never seen 'Babar's Museum of Art' before. Very hilarious to see the elephants within great works of art. Seeing this reminds me that we own 'Babar's Anniversary Album' (with an intro by Maurice Sendak!) and I need to pull it out and read it more with Julia, before she gets too old for the 'Babar' books.

OH FRIENDS. I saw 'The Princess in Forest' by one of my great favorites, Sibylle von Olfers, and did a mega squee. I only use the word 'squee' in blog writing, by the way, never in real life.

('Squee' is one one of those odd words that is fun to write down, but I would never actually utter. Because I'd be too busy making THE ACTUAL SOUND of a 'squee'. Do you know what sounds like? Because that's what I was doing when I saw this book.)

I'd been wanting to see this one for ages and ages! And do you recall how I JUST was talking about Sibylle books, right here in this Cool Stuff post?

All of the Sibylle books can be summed up pretty much in the same way: Beautiful art, lyrical jaunts by magical creatures through a woodland world, seasonal themes, and friendly play between the varying animals, sprites and beings who find each other in enchanted realms.

What does that all mean? I don't know, I just confused myself by writing that previous sentence. Oh also, they are best suited for kids ages 4-7. There. Go find yourself some beauty.

I had so much fun looking through all of these books!! I found another great book that I was so delighted by, it's getting its own feature.


  1. Your friend's house is so beautifully decorated. I love that bookcase!

    Babar books are a favorite in my house! That art book is new to me!!! Very clever LOL

    The Sybille books look enchanting! I'll try to find some in my library!

  2. I love snooping through my friends' kids' bookshelves too. :)

  3. Awesome sauce. I love checking out other people's book selections. Big Sis discovered Fly Guy at school, too. They're a bit on the easy side for her, but she thinks they're great, so I picked one for my free Scholastic book this month. I saw the stack sitting in one of the preschool cubbies today, so I have those to look forward to today! We checked the Babar out from the library a couple years ago. Loved it! I haven't see this Sybille von Olfers before! Well, I've only seen one in person, but I don't think I've ever looked at a picture of this one online. :) I want, want, want.

  4. Oh, I would love to have you paw through all of my books... but my house is always such an atrocious mess. I think I would have a heart attack if I knew you were coming. ;) I think you are much more organized and all that than me... I mean, I know you are. :) ANYWAYS! This little girl has such a great bookshelf!!! AND fly guy... oh man, we love fly guy so much! What a fun part of your vacation. xoxo

  5. You made everything look so much nicer online than it does in real life!
    Thanks Melissa!