May 10, 2013

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday my lovelies! Well, we've had a great few days of pleasant weather lately and my husband announced that he has had a lovely summer, and now he's looking forward to fall. I told him to HUSH HIS MOUTH. Then we sat around with some family and discussed what exactly makes for perfect temps. There were some votes for 73 degrees. I voted for a teensy bit higher ~ 75. But beyond...that's getting a bit hot. I'm cool with a few days here and there of 80's, but by and large, low to mid 70's works for me. I also quite like 65 degrees, overcast and lightly misty. That's nice walking weather. Wow. This was FASCINATING wasn't it? Let's do this again sometime! (or not)

COOL STUFF that caught my fancy this week....

I am totally making this lemon cream icebox cake.

Now THIS is how one should wear jewelry!

Too Much Television is Awesome for Your Kids. (looooved this post)

Check out this storybox! Fabulous.

Nature Faces.

Remember our fun mail post? Check out these patchwork postcards!

What a fun little dollhouse-y activity.

Want to see $1500 sheets? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Just had to scream about that for a moment.

I really would love to have a front porch. Or a back porch!

Have you seen these 'bookshelf' blogs? Once Upon a Bookshelf is just stunning, as is Amelie's Bookshelf. Prepare to have your mind blown at the awesomeness of their book selections.

Cool Book of the Week: Some grownup books today. Have you ever read any of Sarah Addison Allen's books? I think I have now read them ALL. I totally bought her book 'Garden Spells' based on the cover. And it became one of my favorite books. People freak out over this book! It just makes you happy to read it. All of her books involve Southern locales and a hint of magic. Once I read her first book, I then marched to the library and got every other book she had written. I own 'Garden Spells' and 'The Peach Keeper', but I think I'm going to go ahead and buy 'The Sugar Queen' because I really love that one too. Looking for summer reading? LOOK NO FURTHER, peeps! She's got a new one coming later this year, I can't wait I can't wait...

Sarah's books are light, breezy and completely charming! You won't feel STRESSED after reading her works. I can't handle heavy lit lately. I'm just not into it. Oh ~ if you read 'Garden Spells', (about two sisters learning to bond, a magical apple tree, and some extrasensory perception-ish family talents, all taking place in a tiny Southern town, no, it's NOT 'Practical Magic') you're going to want to know about the recipes the character Claire makes in the story. Trust me, you WILL. So check this out. And if you want to have a 'Garden Spells' party this summer, well then take a peek at Sarah's Pinterest board! (yes, I follow her on Pinterest, I'm such a fan)

Have a lovely weekend, friends!!



  1. Good thing you live up North because you would be so miserable in Texas. It is hot hot hot down here.

    I totally love that dollhouse activity! Must try it one day!

    Thank you for the reading suggestion, I was looking for a light summer book to read and I was not in the mood to read sad and twisted tales.

    About that TV article, it's darn right. Finally somebody who gets it right :)

    Have a happy weekend and a great Mother's Day!

    1. I do think TX might be a wee bit too hot for me :) ~ I know so many people who just love it though :) Glad you liked the TV thing, I thought it was so great!
      Happy Mother's Day ma cherie!!!! xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't her books so CHARMING and DELIGHTFUL???! My favorite words you know. And they are so spot on for her works :)

  3. Mmmm. That icebox cake looks super yummy! Yummy enough for me to want to figure out how to veganize it!

    1. Hey, if you veganize it, let me know how you did it! I'd love to try it that way too :)

  4. I have been trying to get through all your links ALL DAY today, and finally, it is done! (Yard work. Blah.) The cake looks great. The jewelry post is super-cute. Loved the TV post, too. The story box, the nature faces... Those sheets are pretty, but say what??? I have been drooling over the porch at Smile and Wave since she first posted those pictures. I even made my husband come look. (He actually does want to turn our very old patio area into a back porch.) I haven' read any Sarah Addison Allen yet, but my ma gave me her first two books. Just need to read them!!! Maybe this summer... It's almost here!

  5. Your weather ideal sounds like a dream! I'm afraid you would melt into a puddle of goo if you lived here (for the record, I hate the heat too). We don't have much of a spring before we leap into the heat. It's been in the 90s off and on here for weeks!

    That icebox cake looks lovely and I will soooo be making one when I can have dairy again. And I love that post about the little girl wearing jewelry - so cute! I love how kids don't do anything "small", know what I mean? And those sheet?! Holy cow, I can't imagine that they could in any way be worth $1,500. Are they made of spun gold? Sheesh.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here regarding the TV post and say that I like that my kids don't watch daily TV. They watch a movie on Friday nights and will watch an hour or two on the weekends, but that's about it (we do make exceptions, but that's what a normal week looks like around here). Someday I'm sure they'll watch more, but for now it feels good.

    Happy Mother's Day, Melissa!

    1. WOW! That's, UM, hot!! I know, right, about those sheets? Like, what's the thread count? 2 MILLION?? :) The TV post was a bit of a laugh. I say, whatever works for a family, works for a family. I know when J starts whining for TV too much, that's exactly the time we need to scale back from it..:)

      Happiest of Mother's Days to you sweet Michelle!

  6. Awww, Melissa, thank you for the book blog love:) The admiration is 100% mutual, I love visiting your blog and seeing what you and Miss J are up to, whether it is twirling or gardening or finding OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive sheets, holy cow! (Although they are gorgeous). So thank you!! Made my day:)

    Love me some Sarah Addison Allen too, Garden Spells is far and away my favorite of hers. I love gardening anyway and the idea that flowers can work magic, well, count me in on that one:)

    I suspect that ice box pie might be coming down the pike pretty soon for us. It has delectable perfection written all over it.

    I LOVE the story box idea. In fact, I love her blog, thanks for helping me find it:) The fairy doors in her kitchen are genius. Might just have to hop on some variation that idea too, since a family of fairies, I am told, recently moved into our front garden and is living under the big rock. Fairies are Very Important at our house right now (and I hope they stay that way for a long time).

    That sun room is heavenly, and it reminds me that they do indeed have a purpose for more than storing muddy boots, chicken feed and a revoltingly large amount of books in cartons. Must step up my game and do something a bit more summery with ours than use it as mudroom and storage unit.

    Thanks again for your kind words and have a glorious weekend:)

    1. oh my goodness Miss Becca, writing about your lovely blog is seriously my pleasure :) I can't wait to hear more about what happens with your family of fairies! Garden Spells is my big SAA favorite as well, closely followed by the Sugar Queen. I would have put that on into my little collage but it didn't color coordinate as nicely, ha :)

  7. I adore S.A.A.
    Her books are delicious.

    I'm itching for a front porch but more importantly a back deck.

    1. You are sooooo right about Sarah's books. I'd settle for either one! We have a small concrete patio, but it's not the coziest place. :)

  8. Oh my God did you just give me a shout out?! You're the awesomest! Thanks, Melissa!

    1. I sure did!! Your blog is fabulous. Great writing, gorgeous to look at it and amazing book finds.

    2. *Blushing. *Hands behind back. *Coy smile.

      Aw, shucks!