May 17, 2013

Cool Stuff I Like

It's Happy Friday time! Or something along those lines. I hope you've enjoyed pretend camping with me this week. I now feel inspired to do some living room camping. I like that kind! There's a potty nearby! And easily accessible snacks! And a TV! Remind me again why camping outside is a good thing......??? It seemed like the overwhelming concensus from my Sunset Magazine Let's-Go-Camping-Post was one of No! Don't do it! So now I'm back to being scared again.

COOL STUFF for you this friday....

Two words: Butterscotch Pie.

The 9 Step Guide to Camping with Kids.

Maple Syrup Pudding Cake.

A Puffy Cloud Party.

Super Summer Schedule. (i seriously like this idea a lot)

Camp Board Game.

Hiding in a Fort. (totally want this whole series of books!)

Just got one of these dresses for J. Really cute, soft, and $10.

Beautiful salad!

Clearly I need to spend a lot of time at this site about glamping.

Cool Books of the Week: The works of Toon Tellegren. Ok, be cool, Melissa, be cool. Don't shout at your friends.  NOPE SORRY, CAN'T DO IT. These are shouty books. These are books that will blow your mind. They are so beautiful. They will make you think. Yes. I'm telling you. I shouted a great deal about 'The Squirrel's Birthday Party' awhile back, and I'm just can't say to you enough times....there is nothing out there quite like Toon's work. ('A Great and Complicated Adventure' comes out Fall of 2013. I'll be first in line!)

You could read it to a 5 year old. You could read it with a 10 year old. You could read it to an 80 year old. The tales are ageless. In one, the earth mails a letter to the sun. In another, an insect goes to a party just to flick a speck of dust off his sleeve. One review I came across described Toon's work as "beauty in its purest form." At the same time that you'll be flipping out over the intricate drawings from Jessica Ahlberg, and smiling at the (deceivingly) simple tales of animals figuring out their lives, you'll realize that somehow you just experienced a meditation on the meaning of life, delivered without you even realizing it. These stories are INCREDIBLE. Go. Go Now and Find Them!

Have a lovely weekend, my friends!



  1. I ooohed and awed when the first of those Toon Tellegren books came into the store! They're so sweet. The puffy cloud party looks so cute! I still want to camp. :) I like to camp. That salad looks great. Better than the butterscotch pie even, which looks yummy, too. Ctue dress! Happy Weekend!

  2. Those books are the coolest. I am so into them! Happy wkend to you, D!! xo

  3. Nay, camping's great. Don't be scared, you'll have a wonderful time! Just do up your tent with the air mattress and pretty sheets. :) I'd love to make that maple syrup pudding- something I really miss about growing up in Michigan is making maple syrup...

    1. you've MADE maple syrup?? COOL! Also, I will try my utmost to not be afraid of camping :)

  4. You're always introducing new wonderful books to me! These look just as wonderful as you describe. :) Don't listen to my camping bashing... I'm 8 weeks away from having a baby so I'm highly influenced by the state in which I exist. I do want camping to be in my future. Just not anytime soon. ;) In fact I really hope camping is in the near future for Trapper and the boys. I think it would be really nice to have a girls night at home with just me and Kitten... maybe that will happen!

    Have a delightful weekend!

    1. Try the Squirrel's Birthday first, Robyn. It's so absurdly fantastic. 8 weeks until baby...oh I can hardly contain myself, I'm so excited!

  5. Love the picture:)

  6. Oh those Toon Tellegren books look amazing! I've been on the lookout for longer books to read my 3.5yo - do you think they would be OK, or still too old for her? PS LOVE your site - just popped over from Crafting Connections and my goodness, I'm giggling at your posts (in a great way!) So glad to have found you!

    1. Hi Andrea!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm so glad you found some of my inane silliness amusing :)

      You know....I would wait a bit on those stories. Until age 5. But that's the thing about them, they are very simple, seemingly, and it really takes an adult to take the underlying philosphy of it all, so hey, maybe try out the Squirrel's Birthday first and see if your kiddo is into it at all? If her eyes glaze over, you can save it for later! :)

      When my daughter was that age, we read a ton of Arnold Lobel (The Frog and Toad are Friends books), and a ton of Little Bear..have you already gone through those? Also, the Madeleine stories, and the Babar books are great for that age. Another thing we really enjoyed was 'Animal Tales' (, which is one of the Little Golden Book Collections. There are a TON of stories in it that are just right for that toddler-preschooler age group.

      We also read a lot of Gyo Fujikawa when Julia was that age.

      If you click on my Tiny Tot category, that will bring up my posts for the smaller kid age range.

      Oh and one of the first 'longer' books I read with her was 'The Big Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl. It's a chapter book, but the chapters are short short. It's SO FUNNY! (unless your kid scares very easily, it's about a silly crocodile who longs to eat kids, but is thwarted at every turn..)

      Let me know if I can help you find any other books! :)

    2. Thank you! Yes, we've been through most all of the Frog & Toad books, Little Bear, and Madeline. Babar - forgot that one, that's a great idea. We've been enjoying "My Father's Dragon" lately. I'll check out Fujikawa as well - thanks for the tips!

    3. The 'My Father's Dragon' books are FABULOUS. My daughter absolutely LOVED them. They are greater than great!