June 14, 2013

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday! This is a really old picture I found in my files. Like, three years old. Aren't these fun looking canoes? Boats in general make me 1) very scared and 2) seasick, but I think a small canoe on utterly calm and flat water would be a Very Great and Fine Thing. Particularly if I had a parasol and a small tea sandwich. But I don't think that's going to happen. If I'm ever in a canoe, Andrew is going to make me row.

COOL STUFF I like this week:

Are you KIDDING ME with this book? Oh I am all over this one. Thanks Heather!

Make your own hedgehog. Because why not?

What to Cook Tonight. ( i may have linked this before? but it bears repeating.)

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name. (looks delightful!)

Lalaloopsy doll recipes! (and xo to sweet Jane Cherie for putting this onto my radar.)

I told Andrew that I need to see the new 'Diana' movie in the theater, and he said "Go to talk to your mother."

Breakfast Banana Bread Ice Cream Sundae?!

A rotating supercell. Amazing.

RIGHT HERE is the perfect summer list. Amen sister.

I just created an EPIC new Pinterest board.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Willoughbys' by Lois Lowry. On a bit of a Lois Lowry kick lately, as I also just checked out the first of her Goony Bird books for Julia from the library. This book looks just a skosh above Julia's level, but I had to go for it, and I think if I read it to her, we'll have a great time with it. How could I stay away from this one? Just listen: a family of kids who long to be orphans, just like the famous literary orphans they read about in books, like James from 'James and the Giant Peach' and Anne of 'Anne of Green Gables'. What the kids don't know is that their parents are also enthralled with old fashioned stories....particularly the tale of Hansel & Gretel. It really looks like an absolute hoot, and right up our alley, dark humor-wise. Suggested for ages 8 and up.

Have a lovely weekend! And Happy Father's Day in advance to my sweet Andrew, who makes me laugh every day of my life, and who is the kindest and most patient dad in the universe.



  1. Thank you for the mention :) Let me know if you try their recipes! I haven't yet but they are so darn cute to print out :P By the way, which Mini Lalaloopsy is Julia asking for? Were you able to find it in store? I think I will buy a big Lala for my girl but I am not sure which one yet.

    That summer list is awesome! Especially the reading event. Gotta do that for sure!!! Especially that my boy has a summer list of book to read from school!

    And 'The Willoughbys' novel seems really fun! I want to read that!

    1. Oh I will let you know, and thanks for posting all that Lalaloopsy doll funness!

  2. Eek! That Hedgehog kit is too cute. I do like that summer list. I can't believe my girls will be back in school in only two months. This summer is going to go way too fast. I noticed your new Pinterest board a few days ago! The Willoughbys looks great. I want to read The Dark Between, too. Hahaha on "Go talk to your mother." (Happy Father's Day, Andrew!) The Lalaloopsy recipes are too cute. We have a few minis, but after Little Sis's birthday and Christmas, we wound up with 5 or 6 of the big dolls. (Everyone took her lack of Lalaloopsys seriously...) And that sundae? Toooo much.... ;o) Happy a beautiful weekend, my friend!

    1. I don't understand the big Lala dolls -- they are so top heavy! I think they're physically hard to play with and manage! I like the little ones though, they are so cute. We own one big one and one big baby one, but none of the minis....notice how when I describe J's toys, I use the word "we" to denote ownership.......xoxo!

  3. I've never read the Willoughbys and now I really want to! I'm going to get my hands on that one right away! Canoes... oh canoes. My family is a canoeing family and i think they are so scary and tippy to be in! They terrify me... every time I find myself in the middle of the lake in a canoe I start getting slight anxiety attacks. Yet, I still climb aboard every time.

    That list on what to cook tonight is awesome! And overwhelming ;) I liked it. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Oh boy, maybe I should stay away from canoes....:)

  4. The last time I was in a canoe I tipped it. I'm terribly awkward in canoes. Even though I kinda love the look of them.

    Lala recipes? I love Lalas.

    Mystery nights? I love that idea.

    1. I love that mystery idea too Juju, I think I might try that out..:)