July 26, 2013

Cool Stuff I Like

CROQUET YO!!! It's what's happening! Yeah! Croquet is the coolest! I'm not just saying that because I'm in love with everything Brit. It could be from The North Pole and I'd still like it. I really adore the clicketty clack clonking noise that the mallet makes when it strikes the ball. I like the yelling and the throwing when I hit my ball the wrong way. (isn't that good croquet etiquette? to throw and yell and stomp?)

One time I hit my ball OVER Julia's ball and that was the awesomest and I've got NO IDEA how I did it. We've been playing a lot of croquet over at my ma's house and she has a set that I was all ready to steal, but out of the blue some friends said they were unloading their set and they offered to give it to me, so I don't have to steal! Which is always nice. I'm a criminal at heart, but I try to keep it under wraps. I don't bother about the crazy though, I figure I may as well wave that flag loud and proud. Woo! Happy Friday!

COOL STUFF that I also liked:

Lemon Cream Pie. Making this asap.

This entire post is SO AWESOME! And also this one. (Brit lovers, prepare to get happy.)

Darling Princess and the pea photo shoot!

How to turn Re-ment miniatures into tiny magnets.

10 favorite books, chosen by a 5th grader.

The ULTIMATE blackberry recipe roundup.

This DIY Horse Stable is unbelievably cute.

Summer reading tips.

Hello very pretty homemade pop tarts!

Scoot over to the giveaway at Books Complicity to win one of Julia's favorite books ever....

Cool Books of the Week: Oh how I love the work of the Anholt's! I just linked to their website, go see, you will love! They are the duo behind one of Julia's favorite tiny tot books, Chimp and Zee. So when I discovered that they had a book called 'Sun Snow Stars Sky', I was very extremely thrilled. (being excited makes me talk like Junie B.) Even though I've only seen this one online, I'm super keen on it because I'm a sucker for books about the weather. I loooooove weather related books! The story details weather appropriate activities, as well as sayings people tend to have about the weather, like 'Rain, rain go away.' This would be a really fun way to discuss seasons with your toddler or preschooler!

Have a LOVELY weekend ~ Are you doing anything fun? Everyone I know is either on vacation, or about to be on vacation....



  1. So much to talk about! Okay, croquet. I've never played, but I always wanted to. You'd think it would be because of my deep love for all things Wonderland, but no, it's because of the movie Heathers. The lemon cream pie looks so delicious. Then you give me a list of blackberry overload, and my circuits went all haywire, because blackberries are my favorite berry. Princess and the Pea photo shoot??? OH, WOW. Amazing. Re-ment magnets? Awesome. Book list? So sweet. DIY stable? Too cute and creative. The homemade pop tarts look good! Love My Father's Dragon. And Sun, Snow, Stars, Sky looks lovely.

    Have a marvelous weekend, my friend!

    1. HEATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I was so obsessed with that movie. I tried to dress like a Heathers for a good 6 months after that movie. Oh how I loved it! Totally forgot about all the croquet in that movie!

      I need to see that movie again.

    2. It's on Netflix... So endlessly quotable. But not on a blog about kids and kids' books and stuff. HA!

  2. I agree. That first ENTIRE LINK WE WOULD LIKE... my jaw dropped with the Queen Mary's doll house.

    And I also would like to play croquet because, in my case, it would be plain and simple Alice in Wonderland obsession.

    Blackberries are also my favorite berry, awww... I am going to copy and paste Danzel's comment, LOL.

    And thanks for mentioning my giveaway.

    Danzel, sign up! I find alternate books for those who own what I am giving away.

    1. It's so great hearing about everyone's various inspirations for croquet love!!

      That dollhouse.....just the most incredible!

  3. Melissa, I could spend hours pouring over all of those AMAZING royal toys! The PLAYHOUSE! The DOLL HOUSE! The MINIATURE CAR! Holy moly, I wish I could see all of those toys in person. I was completely wowed by the fact that the doll house contained all real items, just miniaturized. And running water and electricity!

    1. I'm hard pressed to choose between the playhouse and the dollhouse....I'll take both! Can you imagine????? I mean really, just imagine having that! I can't imagine.

  4. I want to play croquet too!!! And then eat Lemon Cream pie. I never experienced either so now I am extremely curious! And OMG toys! I want them all!

    "Sun Snow Stars Sky" book is a winner from just the title!

  5. Oh I adore croquet too and the lemon cream pie sounds heavenly.

    Have a wonderfully lovely day!

    1. Thank you Laura, for writing such a fantastic post!

  6. Oh my gosh! the lady that commented above me is names Laura Ingalls-- ARE YOU FREAKING OUT???

    SO, I was actually thinking we needed a croquet set here and was planning to send the kids out in the yard to play croquet...until I had a visual of the three of them with mallets in close quarters...perhaps I need to make our own softer version. Or I could make them wear helmets?

    That stable! Fantastic!! But, you mean just using a plain old diaper box isn't cool? Don't tell my kid, okay?

    1. YES! I freaked out when I first saw her name, she comments a lot over on my friend Jenny's blog (My Favorite and My Best).

      Nerf croquet! that's what we need. but then it wouldn't make the nice clicketty clack noise :)