July 10, 2013

Sofa Camping

Well, the closest we've come to camping this summer has been in our family room. IT WAS A DISASTER. We've done it before and it was fun and cozy. You know what was different?

The time we previously family room camped was before we had these clowns. (That's Sally. Here's the other one.)

So it's about 2:30am and I hear this scritch scratching noise. It woke me up out of a sound sleep. I hear this scratching noise, and then I hear some kitty cat mewing. My very first thought was, THE BUNNIES ARE TUNNELING THEIR WAY INTO THE HOUSE. (to see our bunny click here.)

Because you see, we have a family, or SMALL TRIBE, if you will, of bunnies living in our yard. And they've made a burrow. They are intending to stay. And replicate.

Anyway, because we've heard scratching from mice (rats? come visit my nice clean house!) before, I assumed that the scritch-scratch noise I heard was the bunnies, burrowing their way into our home. I was like, I AM NOW SO SCARED OF BUNNIES.

So I ran upstairs to wake up Andrew. (who was having no part of the family room camping because he would have had to sleep on the floor, while we hogged the sofas.) He came and sat with me for a tiny spell, and we waited, listening for the sound of tunneling bunnies.

We finally heard the noise again and I was like, "There it is! The Bunnies! Did you hear that?"

Andrew told me, "Um, that sound is from the cats. They heard you out here and they are pawing at the door and mewing."

You might be wondering, what door? And why are they pawing at it?

It's because if we let them roam free at night, one of them *cough, Sally* will have an all night dinner buffet, which will consist of our clothes. She eats clothes. ALL THE CLOTHES SHE CAN FIND.

So we have to lock them up at night in a spare room we have next to our kitchen. I would love for that room to be a craft room, a play room, a library, a meditation temple, a whatever, ANYTHING BUT a place for the cats to trash.

I woke up Julia and told her we had to go upstairs. She was half sleeping, half crying, and she told me, "NO Mama, this is the best thing ever to happen in my life and I AM SO COZY." Not joking, that's a verbatim quote.

So Andrew switched with me and I went upstairs. An hour later both of them came up; this time the cats had woken up Julia and she decided she had had enough as well. By the time I fell asleep again, it was 4:30 am.

Andrew says Sally and Rosebud are very special.

NO MORE FAMILY ROOM CAMPING. #mycatsareweedevils


  1. oh no! sorry those kitties ruined your family camping. Kitties are so ornery, we woke up this morning to one calling at us outside our door "wake up, wake up! Come on everyone, its daylight!' He doesnt understand Mama dont CARE if its daylight! lol!
    Well, hope the next time (if there is one) goes better. as for me....I like my own bed best ;)

    1. Those kitties apparently could hear us BREATHING..they knew we were out there!

  2. Poor bunnies got the blame until you found out it were the evil kitties :P I am sorry you had to end up your camping night like! But hey on the upside, it you were camping outside, you wouldn't be able to retreat back into your bedroom so quickly! (so yay for sofa camping!)

    1. I'm still not convinced that the bunnies won't try to invade our home....

  3. Replies
    1. right??! from all the scary bunnies and kitties!!

  4. Hahahaha! Sorry. Big Sis and Mr. B had a sofa campout this week, too! But that was because I didn't feel well, and Mr. B wanted to sleep on the couch anyway. (HA.) Cats are crazy devil creatures, aren't they? Next time, you should totally try a backyard campout. Maybe the bunnies will cease to be so scary... baby steps, you know. ;o)

    1. at least we won't have to listen to kitty scratching and mewing if we are outside. I just have to watch out for the bunnies. I FEEL SO AFRAID OF ALL NATURE.

  5. BUNNIES! And sofa camping! Dang--you have the best adventures :)

  6. Awwwwww. Poopoo on the kitties/party crashers.