August 29, 2013

Big Pigs and Sock Dances

I'm so excited to show you guys 'Big Pigs and Sock Dances' (as opposed to all the other times you're excited to show off a book Melissa?) Well YES! Because this book was created by the husband of a friend of mine, and I am here to tell you.....there's some creativity going on. Welcome to the whimsical, wacky, and awesomely cool vision of artist/writer Randy Briley, of Raven Mad Studios.

 Actually, Randy's work came to my attention on Facebook, because I'm pals there with his lovely wife. I noticed that she had posted some of his art, and that he was writing a children's book and I was like WHOA PLEASE LET ME SEE THE FINISHED RESULT PLEASE.

Maybe I was a little more discreetly polite, but not much.

I begged ever so nicely for a copy to review and it was a happy mailbox dance day when it arrived.

 What I love most about the book, well there are several things. First, the ART is SO COOL and new and fun and WEIRD (in a good way!), and doesn't that just sum up a child's life? Cool, and fun and weird?

The story is basically an art collection of funny kiddos and adorable monstery looking guys, and the kiddos are talking about Things They Like.

Muffins. Pizza. Vampires. Soft kitty bellies and non-smelly socks.Throwing paint at your sister.

The kids like a great many things, except clowns, because let's get real. Nobody in their right mind likes clowns.

And let me just get this on the table right now: WHO DOESN'T LOVE A TOOTING GORILLA?? (If you don't, let me suggest to you that you have wandered to the wrong blog.)

 There's a realness to the writing (Stink face? OH yeah!) that I found enormously refreshing. Even though this is a very simple picture book, Julia read it a half dozen times during the first 48 hours that we had the book, and I've caught her poring over the pictures numerous times since. It's been constantly on the floor near her bed since we got it.

I think Randy is a major talent. Normally my book blogging pals and I try to steer clear of each other's material, but I thought so much of Randy's work, I put my friends Pen Pals & Picturebooks onto his trail as well, so that they could also review this little gem! We're so excited to share the news about this guy!


  1. The rhymes are pretty awesome! Still laughing at the "bums" rhyme ... And the illustrations are real eye-catchers!!!

    1. Bums are funny too. Julia LOVED that line! Can you believe his art style?? I'm officially a fan. This guy needs to make more books.

  2. Hey M-
    my kids would LOVE THIS! Is it in the stores?

    1. I'm not sure, but I just emailed the Brileys to find out. You can get it on Amazon right now for a scorching hot deal!

    2. I think it's just at CreateSpace and Amazon for far as I know. Yes, serious deal on Amazon!!! When I told my husband he (the cheapest man on earth) was like WOW! REALLY?!? That's cheap!!

      We've paid a lot more of books we like a lot less! Please don't mind the comment crashing :)

  3. Bibs getting this book for his upcoming birthday... I'm ordering asap. :)

  4. Love the blinking bright bums page!!! So much! And what about Santa page? Neither of us showed that's a good one!

    He needs to write more!!! I so agree there! Did you know he is working on apps too? Some small people in this house would go nuts for an app this style!!!

    1. oh funny, I was thinking that i should have put in the santa page, it's so cute! oh man, if gets any apps out there, I think my kid would LOVE that...