August 16, 2013

Cool Stuff I Like

We rowed ourselves about in canoes! And I got the strangest sunburn in the world. I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs, and I was sitting sort of legs tilted out, you know, rowing style (?) and bottom line is that I got myself a scorching burn on the inside of my legs from where my shorts ended down to my ankles. One big red stripe. Woopsie! It was a very bizarre sunburn. I don't think I've had a sunburn in 20 years. The rowing was great fun though! Andrew captained the back, Julia was in the middle and I was at the front, paddling ineffectually. In other news, it's nearly the end of summer and I am cleaning, and freaking out, and flailing around. You know how that goes, I'm sure. (right????)

COOL STUFF for the almost-end-of-summer, gasp!

Blackberry Doughnuts with Vanilla Bean Glaze.

What a cute kiddo bed in this house tour!

This bookcase. (Scroll down)

Just got my snow leopard/cheetah/jaguar/kitty cat loving child these leggings. (my store had 'em for 30% off!) Julia insisted on wearing them instantly on an 80 degree day....

Hot Cocoa Pancakes. 

This photo made me all kinds of happy.

Sign me up for this YA book! (just released yesterday)

Parenting wins.

Cool family music via my pal Danzel.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Belle & Book Book of Craft'. I'm pretty sure I have this one pinned already or I've mentioned it or I almost bought it or Something. I really think this would be super fun, but I can barely craft at all, so I worry it might be above me. But for normal folks like you, I think this book sounds like great fun! There's a pirate play tent! Lollypop soaps! An explorer's satchel! A tooth fairy pillow and a hopscotch mat! And maaaaaaany more projects.

Have a lovely weekend! It's been super muggy here the past few days. I thought I used to love muggy (reminds me of Hawaii). Turns out I only love muggy when I'm actually IN Hawaii.



  1. Lots of aloe for that sunburn!! Yes, I am ONLY a fan of muggy weather in Hawaii, or some Caribbean island. It's muggy where I live about six months out of the year... NOT A FAN!!

  2. Feather and Crab! It looked like an idyllic event judging from your amazing photo ... minus the sunburn! OUCH! Try Aloe Vera cooling gel. It worked wonders for me.

    Oh the kid's room is beautiful. I want to do the same for my kids bunk bed!

    And now you have me hooked on Belle & Boo. Not just for the craft book but also for the fiction books too. Looking high and low for them now!

  3. I love those Parenting Wins! The get-along shirt cracked me up... and the one with the dad sitting on the porch with a beer pulling his kid in the swing with a rope was hilarious!

    And that photo of the twins on the first day of school is just so sweet. My sweetie starts school on Wednesday... *snif* *snif*. I'm going to miss having her around every day! We've been stuffing our last days of summer with French toast, movies, lunch with Daddy and other happy happy times.

  4. Aww, sweet picture at Curly Birds. Love the parenting wins! Cool bed, cool bookcase. Too full from my yogurt, strawberry, and granola breakfast to look at food now. I do want that craft book. Love your canoe photo. Thank you for the link again! Have a beautiful weekend!