August 15, 2013

My New Favorite Breakfast

I have a new favorite breakfast! My husband has pronounced it "Gross." Has he tried it? NO HE HAS NOT.

We have an ongoing thing in our household. We have all collectively realized that I have the unfortunate habit of refusing to acknowledge other people's opinions regarding food. I cannot accept them. For instance, when my daughter tells me that she really hates scrambled eggs, I have a tendency to tell her, "No you don't! How can anyone hate scrambled eggs?? They're delicious!"

Andrew and Julia have discovered that there are 2 parts to my lack of tolerance to other people's food preferences.

Step 1: I tell people that they don't really think what they think.

Step 2: I then tell people that what they think is wrong. Or crazy. Or the opposite of what they said. Or incorrect. (See also wrong.)

Anyway, this breakfast thingy I am doing is really good and if anyone thinks it is not, then they are WRONG and they should keep trying it until they realize that I am right and they are wrong. Doesn't that sound like A Way to Be Successful in the Kitchen? Eat it until you realize it's good!

This is really good, by the by.

What you do is take a small handful of nuts. I use walnuts, but you could use almonds, pecans, cashews, or even go CRAZY and use macadamia nuts. I chop them a wee little bit. How wee is up to you.

Then I take a handful of bran flakes and crush them in my tiny fist. Crushy crushy crush. That way you have a little crinkle of crunchy in each bite. You could also use cornflakes, shredded wheat, millet puffs, rice krispies or whatever you like, for heaven's sake. Don't let me be a dictator or anything. I use bran because it's helpful for my bowels.

This has now become my most favorite blog post that I've ever written.

Then I finely dice a strawberry, or use a small sprinkle of dried blueberries, or fresh blueberries, or you could also THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX and finely dice an apple or whatever. Do I really need to explain all this?

Yes I do because this is a blog and I am supposed to be Helpful.

You put this all in your bowl and mixy mixy mix.

Then you get out your nice yogurt. Andrew doesn't think there is any such thing as nice yogurt. HE IS WRONG. Yogurt is very nice! And good for you.

For this, I like kind of a runny yogurt, so I've been using a European style from Trader Joe's. How can I get them to sponsor me? I LOVE YOU TRADER JOE'S!

 I use 2 or 3 large spoonfuls of yogurt and plop it on the toppy top. It's one of those days people. I'm so sorry.

 Then I drizzle on a drizzle or small spoonful of honey. You can add (or not add) as much as you like. I won't tell you that you are crazy or wrong in this instance. I added a bit more for photo purposes here.

 I like honey, so I use it. The sweet offsets the yogurt tang EVER SO NICELY!

 Then I mix it all up and it's not so pretty anymore. It's yummy mush. Enjoy.

Julia wanted me to write "PEACE" in pink lettering on this photo but I was too lazy. I don't make my yummy mush for her. On the day I made it, she got Nutella on toast. That's also a very fine breakfast one in awhile, and anyone who doesn't think so IS CRAZY.

Yummy crunchy mush is my very favorite breakfast now. You could easily make it the night before, and turn it into a more traditional muesli-type affair but I think a bit of the crunch might go out of it.


  1. I have never tried doing my own muesli. I like how you can take control of everything you put in it as opposed to buying a pre-made muesli filled with ingredients you may not like. And you can add whichever fruit you may want fresh from the season. It's a fantastic idea really. I think there is a Trader Joe's in town but it's not on my usual path so I haven't been shopping there! Gotta try and look :)

    1. I recently read about someone who was trying to make a gluten free cereal, it basically consisted of a nut assortment, topped with dried fruits and almond milk! I think that sounds pretty good actually!

  2. LOVE THIS!!! You are so funny, my friend. I think this looks good! And you know what? My family would actually eat this. Yogurt and granola parfaits are a favorite breakfast in this house. We have no Trader Joe's, though. Locally-owned health food stores, yes. Natural Grocer's and Fresh Market, yes. No Trader Joe's...

    1. I am ALL ABOUT the granola parfait!!! Andrew and Julia aren't super partial to that one either, sadly. Neither of them are the yogurt lover that I am. I've always loved it, since I was little!

  3. Replies
    1. Divine Mush could have been my alternate post title :)

  4. This is such a delightful post :) That does look good, and you are hilarious.

    1. I told my husband about your sweet sweet comment and he said "I pronounce your breakfast disgusting!" (he is wrongy wrong wrong! SUPER wrong! wrong-O.)

  5. My kids will only eat nutella on toast for breakfast--NOTHING ELSE!!! I rue the day I introduced them to it....your breakfast looks yummy. Maybe I will get them to switch over to it....

    1. Not sure if your kids will enjoy this unless you really sweeten the yogurt....mine won't touch it with a pole! Once in awhile I can get her to eat a yogurt parfait (so delicious!) but she's told me that she's not really into them....sigh....

  6. this sounds delicious and something i would eat if it weren't for nutella on toast being better than most anything else. i eat nutella on toast every single day.