The Boxtrolls

August 5, 2013

VERY EXCITED TODAY! Veeeeerrrrrrryyyyy excited INDEED.

Want to hear something funny? MY KID uses the word "indeed" now. And the other day she called her daddy a "fine lad". I've taught my kid to talk, no, not like a British person per se, but more like a British person you'd see in a particularly bad period Brit drama. (they DO exist.)

Anyway guess what, guess what! We saw 'Turbo' recently, (super cute, Julia and I both loved it), and there was the most bizarre and cool and delightful trailer for an upcoming movie called 'The Boxtrolls'. I looked at Julia and was like, 'Um, we are SO GOING to see THAT!'

I dashed home (yes I did, I dashed, what do you think I embellish for the sake of the blog? NEVER.) and looked up the movie, trying to find out more info, and of course something so cool looking was based on a book! A whole series of books actually!

'Here Be Monsters' by Alan Snow is one of the best reviewed books I've come across in a long awhile. The reviewers on Amazon just RAVED about it! Comments like:

"If it was up to me, every single person in the world would have a copy of this book."


"This should hold any kids attention, even ones who don't like to read..." 


"Alan Snow has created a wonderful, imaginative, and witty cast of characters that is simply amazing. The story takes us in places that even those well-versed in children's literature will find unusual and delightful."

The rundown is that a plucky fellow named Arthur, along with his friends (box trolls, cabbage heads, pirates, rats and other assorted "underlings"), must face down the evildoers in the Cheese Guild who want to take over the town of Ratbridge. (don't they sound like a terrible lot?? dairy makes me break out, so I pretty much knew those involved with cheese must be evil.) 

Someone on Amazon mentioned that if you like Roald Dahl (OH YEAH), you're going to like 'Here Be Monsters' and the rest of the 'The Ratbridge Chronicles'.

The pictures directly above and below are from the Here Be Monsters website. It is GLORIOUS and a hoot and you must hop right on over and see it. Go, go. Then come back. Did you see? And hear? Wasn't that fab? Did you love it? A lot of care went into crafting that, can you tell? I feel like I've happened upon a Very Special Find.

Want to know more about boxtrolls?

I am so helpful.

Here's the trailer:

I CAN'T WAIT. But here's the kicker. I will have to wait. The film doesn't come out until Fall 2014. I know, I'm a tease. The movie theater teased me first! If I have to suffer, you have to suffer!

But while we are all waiting NOT PATIENTLY AT ALL for the movie, we can go read the book! (which seems to be okey dokey for kids all over the map ~ it's suggested for ages 8 and up, but many reviewers said kids as young as 6 adored it, due to illustrations on nearly every page and shortish chapter lengths)

Cool huh? I haven't been this excited about a book and a movie for a long time!


  1. Turbo seems like a really cool movie. It's on my To See list (also because the kids just keep nagging me about it!) I didn't know anything about The Boxtrolls. It will sure be an interesting new story to discover! Why do they tease us so early? One whole year to wait!

    1. I REALLY liked Turbo! Thought it was very sweet and fun. I was surprised by how much I liked it, not sure why :)

      I was so disappointed to have to wait a year for The Boxtrolls though, gah! Oh well.

  2. I'm in love with the trailer for The Box Trolls! I can't wait for it to come out, although I know it will be a while. The books sound fabulous. We need to check them out.

    1. Oh I know you and the girls, this will be right up your alley!!!

  3. This looks awesome! I'd never even heard of it!

    1. Me neither until just recently! Don't they look FUN??!

  4. This looks SOOO great! Oh! I'm putting it on hold at my library right away! so cool! thanks :)


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