September 20, 2013

Cool Stuff I Like

Happiest of Fridays my friendsies! Is it fall-like in your area yet? A friend and I were discussing how sick season seems to be starting early this year, have you noticed that? I watched a new show, 'Sleepy Hollow' and it was really good! Did any of you see that? Would you like me to stop asking questions? I'm wondering how bad or good the new CW show 'Reign' will be. 'Cuz I love me my CW trash. I'm less than excited about the male leads though, who are prettier than the girls. WHY? Can they for once put some dudes who look like dudes on a CW show? I'm disappointed that it doesn't start until nearly the end of October! ??? Isn't fall TV supposed to start in September? I'm going to cool it with the questions now, because there are no answers to these television mysteries.

COOL STUFF I liked this week:

Shoe box dollhouses.

A Japanese Kokeshi Doll party!! (thanks Danzel for finding this! And then my friend Juju wrote me and said, did you see the Kokeshi party?? My blog pals know me so well!)

Sweet Julia, a pal I grew up with in Hawaii, told me about this darling collection of ADORABLENESS.

Ok. These are crazy 'spensive, but oooooh. So pretty! My whole house would look like a cosmic disco if I had them hanging around.

Tea Party Book!!!!! (the 2nd one! I have the first one. And there's going to be a 3rd!)

Fly like an eagle.

End of summer foods.

Cute library bag!

Shake it confetti wrap. (this is awesome)

Coffee filter fall leaves. Skill level: Melissa. That means you can do it!

Um, I think we might have to try this just once......

Check out my Autumn Pinterest board! Because why not?

Ok that was a really long list this week! I was worried about finding enough stuff for my list and I guess I lost track of what I was actually adding!

Cool Book of the Week: my friend Laura, who knows all about awesome books, asked me the other day if we had read 'Kenny & the Dragon' by Tony DiTerlizzi. She said her son really enjoyed it. Well I've been looking at this book for ages it seems! First, Julia was too young for it. Then, I was in a hurry in a bookstore (??) and had to leave without getting it. Thanks for the remind Laura! Now I think is the perfect time! Suggested for 8-12. A rabbit must help his two BFF's, a sweet dragon and a retired knight, avoid a fight that the local villagers are insisting the two engage in with each other. Julia would LOVE this one.

Have a lovely weekend!! First weekend in fall!! Do some fall things!



  1. Downton is starting here soon, which means autumn to me! Thanks for that coffee filter hint, defo making those. ps have you watched the English series The Hour? Awesome.

    1. you are SO lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      don't those leaves look so easy and fun! my favorite crafts are low level skill that yields a high impact result :)

      NO I have not seen that show!!! Off to go look for it!! Thank you!! xo

  2. This book looks awesome. I want the tea party books. I want to figure out how to make those cool garlands myself. Love the Giddy Giddy stuff! The shoe box doll house is darling. I pinned a great suitcase doll house from that same site, I think. As for weather, it dropped from 90 to 70 yesterday when a storm moved in, and it was cloudy and in the 60s this morning. It should be in the 70s later, and in the 50s overnight! I may have to curl up on the porch with a book and blanket tonight.

    1. I got into bed last night and had to put on socks!! The Change is coming....I'm hoping for a sunny October though....

  3. I watched Sleepy Hollow. Not sure if I'm really going to like it so I'll watch a few more episodes and decide. And hello, cute British guy! Not sure what else I'm going to like this fall. I'm so behind on my regular series, I really don't have time to watch anything new!

    1. I'm wondering if the Once Upon a Time spin-off will be any good....(my husband thinks the first one is terrible so he's very depressed at the prospect of more of this show...:)

    2. Not sure why they did a second show instead of just sticking the Alice storyline in the original. Looking forward to seeing both. My husband rarely likes anything I do but we manage to find at least one show a season to watch. Once is not that show for us! HA Watched the second Sleepy Hollow tonight. Not sure I'm going to make it to episode three ...

  4. :D Thanks for the shout out :D

    Ooooooooooooooooooo I want the tea party book.

    I caught some of that fly like an eagle stuff the other night. I was spellbound.

    DUDE I'm dreaming of apple cider donuts. *le sigh*

    1. APPLE CIDER DOUGHNUTS!!!!!! Followed by a chaser of pumpkin doughnuts :)

  5. i posted a pic of apple cider donuts today and i want to make them too.
    also, how was sleepy hollow? should i go down that road?

  6. I think it looks promising. Don't get attached to anyone in the pilot. It made me utter a sound of terror (it sounded like a little mouse squeak) at one point, so that was a plus in my book.