October 18, 2013

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday! The Halloween costume has arrived! The kidlet is very enthused! Now, we just have to store it in a vault before Sally, the clothes eating cat from the depths of the netherworld, gets her little nibbles into it....she's been on a real tear lately. Somehow Julia talked me into having a small Halloween party for her and her closest pals. I refuse to call it a "party". I'm calling it a "Halloween playdate" instead. Do you think our kids will ever thank us when they're older? Am I clinging to a vain hope?

COOL STUFF this week:

This is so awesome!

Country Apple Cake.

Handprint Ghosts.

10 Charming Halloween Ideas.

Scaredy Squirrel's Halloween Safety PSA!

Top 5 Kids' Rooms Trends.

I think you can imagine how I felt about this tiny tea party.....(thanks Danzel for finding this on Pinterest!)

Ha ha I totally relate!

Cool Book of the Week: One of the creepiest books I read when I was a little kid. Maybe 4th grade I read this? Such a classic. If you have a kiddo around that age who likes a bit of a scare (fairly mild really, but good fun), and they haven't read 'A House With a Clock in Its Walls' by John Bellairs and greatly illustrated by Edward Gorey...then you all need to get on that! Love this book! It was one of the books that really stood out in my childhood memories of reading. Can a little boy who's moved in with his uncle (who happens to be a wizard) find and stop the clock that is counting down to the end of the world? If you loved 'Harry Potter' you'll love this. Amazingly interesting and well written characters, a cool adventure story with enough spook to thrill, but not upset, and wowzer, what have they done with the new cover art? Creepy yo.

Have a lovely weekend! There has been no fresh cider in this house as of yet. I need to rectify that asap.



  1. I had to check out the kid's rooms! So beautiful and simple! I love looking at other people's room LOL The tiny tea party is beyond cute. My baby seems to also love the fairy dolls quite a lot... I wonder why! And don't worry, Julia will remember you as being a super awesome mom and will be very grateful when she will be older!

  2. I'm so excited about the book recommendation! I volunteer in the school library, and my son's 5th grade class is like a book club for 10-year-olds. These are READERS, who hit the shelves like professionals, trade book recommendations, and then plop down and dig into their books for the 15 minutes they have left of library time. The sight of all those boys and girls sitting at tables completely engrossed in reading brings tears to my eyes every week. ANYWAY...there are a couple of kids who would really enjoy this one!

    1. Oh fun, glad to help!!! Oh my goodness just reading your description of those avid readers made my heart feel happy :)

  3. So does Sally ever eat Andrew's stuff, seeing as he's her favorite?

    I love that little ghostie handprint project!

    1. He's much better about putting his clothes away, so his stuff gets eaten less!

  4. I thank my mama.
    So I'm hoping so.
    *fingers crossed*

    Those gorgeous classics at Anthropologie are SO tempting!!

    Tiny tea? How precious!

  5. That book sounds great! I LOVE the owl in your top photo. The handprint ghosts are cute! The HGTV kids room trends article sounds about right. I pin rooms like those all the time. I even crave wallpaper now, and I used to HATE wallpaper. You know I love the tiny tea! I love Penguin classic everything, in all their incarnations. I'm making part of Little Sis's costume now. I need time to slow down just a little bit right now. October is in too much of a hurry this year! Happy Weekend!