December 18, 2013

Fairytale Photos

Today I have a fairytale photo (part of an ongoing series I'm doing, applying fairytale concepts to modern photography) that centers around a Nutcracker theme!

This one is my 'Dance of the Snowflakes' picture. My awesome awesome amazing kiddo gamely went outside with me a few weeks ago (it was cold but before our recent cold snap) and jumped up and down for me in her snowflake nightgown. I took a whole bunch of shots, but when I saw this one, I knew it was The One. I adore her expression!

My sweet little snowflake.

Speaking of the Nutcracker, have any of you seen this version by Allison Jay?

 I'm a BIG fan of Jay's old fashionedy art style. Based on the ballet, Clara explores the land of sweets with her Nutcracker prince, and Jay's oil painting with crackle finish signature art lends itself perfectly to this most charming of holiday stories. If you're a Nutcracker collector, this is one to own.


  1. I love that picture! I wish I could see the Alison Jay in person sometime. Dumb library. (Just kidding, library! You know I love you!)

  2. A beautiful picture of holiday joy!

    And you are totally reading my mind again -- or at least my receipts. I just got "Song of the Stars" illustrated by Alison Jay last week. (You must check it out! I plan on writing about it this week.) Now I've got to go back to the book store. Will loves nutcrackers and gets one every year -- this year's nutcracker was a paint-it-yourself craft. Last year we added The Nutcracker illustrated by Eric Puybaret to the Christmas book collection. Which, shame on me, hasn't made it out of storage yet. It's not like Christmas is around the corner or anything HA

  3. Miss J. rocks that picture and I can't get over how lucky you are to have a girl who wants to participate in your photos! I didn't know about Alison Jay. I think her illustrations are very sweet. Must find out some books at the library! Mine only opens during the week which is so annoying! Wished they could open at least one day during the weekend!