Sunday's Sundae


February 7, 2013

I have about 3 more posts on this topic. WHAT TOPIC Melissa? The topic of my inability to figure out what to feed my family lately. 

One of the things we've decided to do to alleviate the Xtreme Boredom that has set into our eating routine is EAT MORE ICE CREAM.

So even though it's Thursday, and not Sunday, I'm showing you our first Sunday's Sundae. (julia thought that one up!) I won't show you every single week, because you and I both would be scratching out our eyes. We're trying to AVOID boredom, remember? But once in awhile I will show you our creations. Cuz I'm helpful like that and I live to photograph my food.

Problem #1. I'm really the only one around here who likes sundaes. Andrew didn't have one at all and Julia decided halfway through hers that she hates caramel sauce. (THIS ONE is the bestest ever by the by, don't listen to my daughter.)

Very Helpful Tip: mini marshmallows are the best marshmallows and I suggest using them whenever you can.

(P.S. I'm laughing at how I made that blog-arty stack of white bowls and then I ate out a floral bowl and Julia asked to eat from a storage container.)

Your Feet Really Stink


February 5, 2013

That's not actually the whole title of today's book, as you can see. But that's the part that drew me in.

I was going to prepare a lovely collage of Valentine's books, but I used up all my energy making a collage of Happy Chinese New Year books (which is a much cooler holiday in my opinion), so you get one Valentine's book suggestion from me this year. I know, it's devastating.

I like 'Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink' by Diane de Groat so very much because throughout most of the book, the kids are being punks to each other.

And let's be real, my friends. We all love our children. But kids are punks. You know it's true! At any given moment, 'Lord of the Flies' is a real and highly probable fact.

The hero of this little tale starts off by thinking it would be fun to send valentines that say what's really on his mind. Man, do you ever feel like doing that? 

"Dear (nameless person). You are the most annoying planet and don't even know it. Happy Valentine's Day!"

Just for a week, how liberating would it be to send emails, letters, Facebook status updates....saying WHAT YOU REALLY THINK?? (Andrew thinks I already do this far too often on Facebook and that people don't really need to know what phase of my cycle I'm in.) I'm cringing at the emotional wasteland that would be left. If everyone just let it fly. Oh this is terrible idea, it would be like a real-life horror film. Or comedy.

Children do this so much more than adults. They have no filters. This can often yield moments of hilarity and pain, I've found. ("Mama, the new vitamin drink you got me is ODIOUS and REVOLTING." We've been reading a lot of Roald Dahl, can you tell?)

I guess this is why we have spouses or significant others. They get to hear what we really think. And polite and civil society rolls on.....

But then....our little hero tries to focus on the positive and see what's good about his friends. Like smelling like a PB&J sandwich.

I do love Valentine's Day oh so much! Julia has her Valentine's cards all picked out. It was a tough call between Littlest Pet Shop Valentines and these scratch 'n sniff ice cream cards. But the ice cream won. Some year I want to do this super creative Valentine-making idea.

Happy Chinese New Year Stick Tree!


February 4, 2013

_DSC0056C’mon. You knew. Did you not know? You had to know. That it would come back.

I am unable to part from my stick tree.

It is a part of me now. Like chocolate. Like my family. (notice how I wrote chocolate first? full of the jokes, I am.)

So…here we are! I’m pretending like everything is casual and not weird and that I don’t have an unhealthy attachment to my stick tree.  Hey, at least now I’m placing it up on my mantel so the risk of eye poking has been minimized. Now I just have to worry about earthquakes and having it fall on someone’s foot or head.

Prepare yourself, because we are now going to take a peek at my Happy Chinese New Year Stick Tree from every conceivable angle. EVERY ANGLE.


Are we FREAKING OUT about HOW COOL my Hello Kitty lucky money envelopes are?

_DSC0053Where did I find these little darlings? In Hawaii. I hit the Sanrio store when I was visiting my dad last December. I had no idea what I was going to do with the 16 money envelopes that came in the pack, but they were under $5 and BY JOVE THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS NOT COMING HOME WITHOUT THEM.

You can find some just as cute ones here.

_DSC0054_DSC0055I wasn’t even really intending to use them for Happy Chinese New Year, I was thinking I’d hold onto them and use them as little party favors for one of Julia’s birthdays, because I think everyone would love to have a little treat in a Hello Kitty envelope. WHO WOULDN’T??

And then…I had a vision of them fluttering, full of red and pink and gold Happy Chinese New Year glory…and I knew that the reason they had come into my world was to adorn my stick tree and breathe new life into it.

_DSC0057Isn’t is fantastic? Sigh. Such happiness Hello Kitty brings to my life. I’m actually loving My Melody more on these little envelopes. Julia is also in the throes of a full fledged Sanrio obsession: Cinnamoroll. She flipping LOVES Cinnamaroll, so she is getting THIS as one of her upcoming birthday presents.

P.S. right now I have the Chinese New Yr stick tree, some Valentine's Day decor, and my lights-in-a-jar AND my Ikea star lights still up. My house is beginning to resemble a carnival gone terribly awry.

Cool Stuff I Like


February 1, 2013

Happy February! It's here! The suckville fiesta that was January is OVER. Other than my birthday happening within it, I find nothing even slightly wonderful about January. It's a pretty-sounding name, January is, but it's not a pretty month, I've decided. It's a long, grey, cold, colorless endurance event of some kind. Or you know, something like that. But now it's Feb! Yay! A month of pink and red! I'm not joking! I'm gonna try mightily to only have pink or red themed Cool Stuff pictures this month because that seems like a jolly thing to do.

COOL STUFF I liked. And loved. 

My friend Danzel made a great list of 'Alice in Wonderland' themed books!

Chinese potstickers for Happy Chinese New year.

I think right about now I need a Superpower Morning Smoothie.

THE COOLEST KID BED! Scroll down till you see it.

Grown-up Tuna Noodle Casserole. (I love tuna casserole!)

Cupcakes for Clara. (very darling paper dolls)

LOVE LOVE these felt heart hanging garlands.

Cool Book of the Week: 'A Perfect Day' by Carin Berger. This one is soooooo amazing. Reminds me a bit of Alison Jay's work. It's fabulousity for tiny tots, with very simple, rhythmic phrases used throughout. The art and the text remind me of that quiet, stillness that one can hear (yes you can hear silence!) when snow first falls. The whole thing is beautiful, peaceful, and lovingly captures the joy children experience during playtime in the snow.

HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND! I think for the first time, in a long time, we are going to sit around and play board games and watch movies and just CHILL. (while also staying warm)


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