January 8, 2014

Best of Julia's Bookbag - 2013

It's a new year, my friendsies! So let's dwell on the past a bit, shall we, and check out the MOUNTAINS OF FAB that went on here on this crazy blog last year......

Best post about Very Handsome Dwarves. (image credit IMDB)

I oh so helpfully taught you all how to make gingerbread, and I promised to do another gingerbread cake recipe later in the year, and that never happened. Yay me!

(It really is delightful.)

I made this AWESOME stick tree to celebrate Happy Chinese New Year:
 And we profiled this amazing book, that your kids will ADORE, so cool, so unusual, so fun!

We also had a ball with this beautiful book:

We made a daring attempt (DARING I TELL YOU) at getting better about keeping up with our correspondence.....

I found the mother of all amazing fairy tale books!

And we made a little fairy playground for our fairies to dance around in the backyard:

(fairy glitter is better than ordinary glitter. for reals.)

I did not one, but two super Awesome posts about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Awesome post #1 can be seen here, and Awesome post #2 can be seen here.

I made a little roundup of our favorite story CD's:

And we hung out at home doing...whatever it is we do.

In the fall, we pretended that we were ghosts....

And the end o' the year was PRETTY FAB because we invented tea, read HARRY POTTER, and I had also at that time gotten underway with my new photography venture. As in, people pay me money and I take their pictures and hope they don't suck too bad.

So all in all, a bucket of excitement, no? It was a very good year, but I realized that there was one glaring thing my blog didn't get right last year, and that was a near total lack of Andrew posts. Gah, that's inexcusable! He is, at some point, going to write his dissertation on what he Really Things About Harry Potter and we can all collectively lose our minds and tell him how crazy he is. I'm super looking forward to that A LOT.

Here's to new things for 2014! And please go see my friend Danzel, she's writing about Best Read-Alouds of 2013. Also, big thanks to Darcy of No Monsters In My Bed for organizing a blog hop of 'Best of 2013' posts!


  1. OH, so much happy! The Hot Dwarves post... that was so funny. I still want to read Kiki and Coco, I loved the Hello Kitty Chinese New Year stick tree, J in her bonnet, and that tea still looks so beautiful! Happy 2014!

    1. it is so so grey here today and I have a mini migraine. that's like if a regular migraine decided to have a little baby or a toddler, that's my headache for today. I wish more than anything I could sit down and watch Richard Armitage in North & South again!!! Just saw the second Hobbit movie the other day -- he's still a hot hobbit. I mean, dwarf. I was asking Andrew to make me tea the other day but not in that tea cup, because it's too small. And he was like, SAY WHAT? b/c he got it for me as a present. And I had to tell him that I really do love it! Because I do, but it is a bit small, and what it is really useful for is for photographing. It's my photograph tea cup. I watched Downton Abbey last night and it was SO FABULOUS, I am seriously on a Downton high right now, even with my mini migraine. :) Happy 2014! I'm really still lucid, even though it doesn't seem like it.

    2. I have so many headaches that poor Mr. B was asking my advice on how to deal with his this morning. I'm the expert in our house! ;)

      Your teacup does photograph beautifully, but I understand. I'm like that about coffee mugs. ;) And yay Downton!!!!

  2. I remember all these posts!!! Ah Armitage. Now that I have seen the movie, I can tell you HOLY MOLLY IS THAT MAN HOT! Still doesn't beat Viggo but it was very close! Btw, did you like Franco's Wizard of Oz? I think it was ok and I so loved the witch played by Rachel Weisz! Even in her villainy she was radiant...

    Miss J. seems to have literally grown up since last year! She looks older and more serious/mature in the recent photos! And her book's repertoire is growing too :)

    Great year recap! And I second the move for more Andrew's posts!

    1. your support and readership of our little blog means the world to me! thank you so much and happy 2014!! (i'll get working on making Andrew contribute more....i'll tell him his public is crying out for more from him, ha ha ha :)

    2. I did like Franco as the Wizard! I didn't think I would but I did :) And I loved the witches!

  3. I'm wishing I could reach into the computer and grab some of those blueberries.

    1. hey, me too! totally missing summer produce right now. :)

  4. I've yet to write my best of 2013 post (I've got the whole year to do it, right?! HA) but I did just post a list that features Mr. "So good-looking why is he not in more movies" Armitage. I think you will approve my list.