January 31, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Have you heard me say before how I say it? The whole phrase, as in "How are you spending Happy Chinese New Year?" or "Should we have noodles on Happy Chinese New Year??"  I have not cleaned my whole house. But it wasn't that bad to begin with. I did wash all of my bedding yesterday. We're not supposed to be washing our hair today. I probably will. So I'm doing everything kind of halfway. Does that mean that this year I'll only be half lucky???

COOL STUFF this week, a lotta books:

Rainbow Mini Cakes!

The best thing I read on the internet this week. AMAZING.

The 2nd best thing I ran across this week. (thank you to my girlfriend who linked on FB!)

Also, this post. (and thanks to my other friend who linked on FB!)

Winter Energy Cookies. (do they work? I need some winter energy!)

Incredible list of Best Children's Books in 2013.

Yes to all of this! Plus the site. All about tea and food pairings? With gorgeous photos? THANK YOU BLOG FAIRIES.

Very cool roundup of 'Snow Queen' books.

And this book looks amazingly cute!

Linked to this before and doing it again -- just SO delightful and a few new pix!

Get your photos onto your walls!

10 Edible Valentines.

Cool Book of the Week: So if you recall my post earlier in the week about vintage books I recently found, you'll remember me flipping my lid about 'The Magical Monarch of Mo', which I had been searching for oh, just over 20 years or so. No biggie. Well, 'The Enchanted Island of Yew' is another really obscure L. Frank Baum book that I would love to get my hands on. Let's see, how to explain, apparently some fairy girl decides to spend a year living life as a human.....boy......named Prince MARVEL....(Baum likes this theme, see 'The Marvelous Land of Oz' wherein Princess Ozma spends a part of her childhood in the enchanted form of a little boy, before she is turned back into her real self)...anyway, 'Yew' is meant for slightly older child readers, like 4th-5th grade +, and it's supposed to be a fun fantasy fairy tale. If you're a Baum fan, this one is supposed to be worth seeking out. I am!

Have a lovely weekend! I'm probably the only person in the Pacific Northwest who doesn't care about the Superbowl, but we're watching it anyway, with brownies and chili. I'm there just for the brownies.



  1. Happy Lunar New Year! I want chai now. Love the blog post about the awesome teacher. Still need more non-Oz Baum books! The rainbow mini cakes look darling. I love the Super Bowl. We're watching it at my sister's, since it's the day after her birthday and that's when she wants to celebrate. Then she and the kids and my dad and whoever doesn't care can play in the basement while we football nuts watch on the big screen. yay, big screen! And I'm making creamy roasted Brussels sprout dip. Hope it's good! Happy Weekend!!!

    1. in some ways, I like the non-oz books better, and that's saying something b/c i love the oz books!!! we're going to watch superbowl with my ma and stepdad -- considering that ma cried during the last game, um, Julia is in for an interesting experience I think. i might need to get her some headphones for noise reduction. :)

  2. Is tomorrow ok to wash or do you have to wait the 5 days?

    Question: Can I clean my kitchen? 'Cause it gets dirty after every meal?

    Wow those posts by Momastery and Rants from Mommyland were brilliant. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing them sweetie.

    1. see that seems extreme?? i actually don't know, I'd have to research it. My friend from the blog Jane Cherie would know all of this!! I already used scissors today, bad. Or maybe just no knives? I also just cleaned my sink. Oopsy. But we're having some noodles tonight (longevity) and I just out up lots of red valentines up (red is good), so really, I think I'm maybe going to be half lucky. which is better than not lucky at all. that's my spin and i'm sticking to it! ;)

      Weren't those posts AMAZING? Blogs are so awesome. :)

    2. also, it's bumming me out not to vacuum today, should have done it yesterday. i'll just live with it for another day or so.

  3. Hi Melissa! I love the Hello Kitty card! We usually don't cook, dust and vaccuum for 3 days. The 4th day is a major clean up and laundry day! :P I am going to take a shower today and totally washing my hair! I'll never survive camping LOL The Inside Outside book is so beautiful. I would love to get it one day. It's a very nice concept and I'll look for the other books in that collection!