January 21, 2014

The Grasshopper and the Ants

I meant to show you all this book last year! And I just didn't get it done. This book was such a surprise to me. Did you know that Kid Lit giant Margaret Wise Brown (of 'Goodnight Moon' and 'Runaway Bunny' fame) did a version of 'The Grasshopper and the Ants'?? Specifically, the Disney version?? (the links provided are affiliate links)
I had no idea!
Have you ever seen the video?

Pretty sure most of you are familiar with the tale (originally from Aesop) of the grasshopper who plays and frolics all summer long, while the ants are working away at storing up their food. The grasshopper thinks that's just WACKY. Why prepare when there is DANCING to be done?

In Brown's version, the ants help the grasshopper out, instead of telling him to take a hike and reap what he sowed. But ha ha ha, get it? He didn't sow anything, so he has nothing to reap! Get it? I am so sorry. Please ignore. Anyway, in this incarnation of the tale, the grasshopper gets a second chance. The queen tells him he has to earn his keep like everyone else, and he does so by performing.

I love this Disney take on the story! Actually, I had no idea there was a book version of the Disney short film at all.

The art is really vibrant and fun. I found this used, and it's one I'll always keep, it's so beautifully done! Plus, I just love anything Margaret Wise Brown touches.


  1. Oh, how wonderful! I knew Margaret Wise Brown left behind a huge amount of unpublished and forgotten works, but never knew she did Disney books, too! That is just too cool. I wonder if there are more...

  2. I love the art. Reminds me of the old school graphics I grew up with. Great share.

  3. Yes yes I remember watching this mini cartoon from Disney! And I remember the story well. In elementary school, we all had to memorize and recite this tale! I didn't know it was available in book form too. I really love the illustrations!

  4. I totally remember watching that cartoon... way cool that you found the book! Who knew it was MWB?- wow!

  5. What a lovely find! I'll have to find a copy. (=