February 4, 2014

'Frozen' Just Got Awesomer

You will see nothing better this week on the internets. Or maybe ever in your life. You MUST watch all the way until the very end, that's the best part!

I'll take your appreciation (for bringing this piece of fab today) in any form of cash donations. ;)


  1. Wow! My daughter sang that for her "teen beach movie" audition and it sounded similar at 7......
    and they still let her in!

    1. ha ha ha! i've read that Idina Menzel gets sent videos of little girls singing this song EVERY DAY....

  2. Hysterical! My 2 year old really liked it. Our local theater had a Frozen Sing-Along this past weekend. I was stoked to go with my 7 year old and NOBODY WAS SINGING. I was so disappointed!!!

  3. Between the one in the princess costume and her sweet dancey moves at the end, the hug, and the very, very end... Not sure which is my favorite part. ;)

  4. Awesome. You're so right about the ending too. LOVE it. Fun share.