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March 14, 2014

Isn't this the funniest sign?? J and her friends made it. I was wondering when the neighborhood kids were going to discover that there is a really cool secret hidey hole area within the shrubbery near my house, and discover it they did. You know what?? I really want a secret hide out too.

COOL STUFF this week:

cookies and cream brownies.

and mint chocolate cake!


New Ikea stuff.

you should totally try out Andrew's Irish Soda Bread!


Great St. Paddy's Day recipe roundup.

Just scored this raincoat totally on sale for J.

Books that celebrate spring.

I can't wait for the stage version!!!!

Cool Book of the Week: 'Adventure of Meno: Big Fun' by Tony & Angela DiTerlizzi. I haven't seen this particular Meno book, but I saw another one in the series, and it was cute cute and more cute. Meno is a space elf! Who drinks moo juice! (milk) and likes 'sunshine time'! And has friends named Zanzibar and Yamagoo. These books are not so much stories exactly, but more like a collection of happy pictures with fun sounding words accompanying the art. There is some potty humor (toots) in this one, which managed to offend several people on Amazon. HA HA HA! That means I must for sure get this one. I think my toddler nephew would love it!

Have a lovely weekend!!! Are the cherry blossoms starting to appear for you yet? They are just beginning to make an appearance here.....



  1. Those brownies! That cake! And I love that you have a bushy hideout - we have one of those too in our backyard! It's a great place for the kids to retreat into during the summer months.

    1. i used to have a secret hideout in my closet when i was little! i looooooved closets. i think i tried to sleep in it a few times too. my parents thought it was all tres bizarre...:)

  2. Love the Oshkosh trench! That's darling. I want a secret hideout, too. At least until someone else cleans my house for me, then I could come out again. Cute St. Patrick's Day recipes! Today is the beginning of spring break. My oldest is still in footie pajamas, asleep on the couch with her glasses on. She made it to school yesterday, but she's still wiped out. The youngest keeps trashing her bedroom and playroom, in between making loom bracelets. I'm trying to catch up on blogs! Happy Weekend!!!!

    1. oh man, i hope you guys aren't sicky for the your whole break. did you guys have the flu, do you think? a bunch of folks up here have it. my house looks like a bomb went off and no one here is sick! except for Andrew, he has a snuffle, but he's not the messy maker :)

  3. How funny! Kids are so cute and clever. I'm glad you photographer and shared this one.

    Frozen on stage? Nice! (I haven't seen it yet. Shameful I know. It's on DVD soon right?)

    YAY new IKEA stuff! *swoon*

    1. when you see it, you will LOVE it! (Frozen) Someday your daughter will love it too!

  4. j has really awesome handwriting! and i am going to try the pnut butter sriracha toast. yes i am. i'll bet a tiny drizzle of sesame oil would help matters.

    1. omg that's her fast slacker writing! i'm convinced she could be a calligrapher someday. my writing at her age looked like a chicken walked across the paper. it still looks that way. yeah, i'm totally on board with peanut butter thingy....

  5. I finally watched Frozen! And you are right, it's a truly great movie! My kids and their cousins loved it too! I think I like Olaf the best! I didn't cry but I was very sad at some parts. I am sure the stage version would be awesome! Oh the IKEA new stuff. I really wished I could buy a whole room of their stuff LOL


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