March 21, 2014

Cool Stuff I Like

Happy Friday and HAPPY SPRING! To celebrate the arrival of the new season, the weather fairies decided to bring the temps down to a balmy 39 degrees accompanied by pouring down rain and hail. AWESOME! I took the flannels off the bed a few days ago, and boom, frigid air moves back in. That should learn me something fierce never to take the flannels off the bed before June. Isn't that nice looking Irish soda bread up above? Andrew made it, not once, but twice this week. We had one loaf with his family last weekend, and the other loaf with my family on St. Paddy's Day. I'm telling ya, he's really got it down to a science, I need to make him bake more......

COOL STUFF, lots of things to plug this week!

My pal Gillan (a schoolmate of mine from Hawaii) is an amazing artisan ~ she's created a Hawaiian quilt, which is for sale ~ the proceeds of which are to benefit the education of a toddler who recently lost his mama (another beautiful school friend who passed away from cancer at age 42). The quilt is beyond stunning! Go see, and please share, to any and all who might be interested in owning this gorgeous piece.

Another friend has just launched a brand new baking blog, and it is DARLING! I'm so thrilled!

PURE EPIC BRILLIANCE. Totally. (And I'm totally guilty.) Andrew can't believe I even attempt the Advent thing. Mind you, I'm not religious at all. Just insane. 25 PRESENTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS???? (trinkets, really.) (Andrew says, TOTALLY ABSURD.) (i know in my heart that it is. and the Elf? whyyyyyyyyyyy? and yet, here they are, part of the Christmas holidays.)

Turn chicken broth into dinner.

Do you have your copy yet???

Porcelain Woodland Nightlights. $10!!

April Fools Pranks for Kids. (totally trying dye the milk)

'Happy' for puppies.

Seriously adorable kiddo room.  

I want to read the book and see the movie!

Totally want to have these marshmallows, and put my cats on them. And then eat them.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Old Black Witch and the Polka Dot Ribbon' by Wende & Harry Devlin has just been reissued by Purple House Press. I own 'Old Black Witch', it's one of the FUNNEST books ever and I can't wait to read this one, about how Old Black Witch enters a cake baking competition at a local carnival. Have I written about this one before? I'm losing it.

Have a lovely weekend!! Is it springy where you are? Is it cold where you are? Don't repeat my mistake, keep your flannels on!



  1. Where to start... The bread looks delicious. It was in the 70s here yesterday, and should be again today, before it drops drastically. Beautiful quilt. Added the baking blog to Bloglovin. The holiday thing made me giggle. We have the simple DVD version of Frozen, delivered to us via UPS on Tuesday. Yes, we've watched it already. Those nightlights are darling. Love the Love,Taza room. I have never read The Giver, but I know it's a classic, and I hope the movie lives up to the source material. Love the Instagram toppers. Cute book. Happy Weekend!!!!

    1. Our 'Frozen' came yesterday! I'm surprised that 'The Giver' has eluded me all these many years. Happy weekend to you! Andrew's office chair exploded oil all over the carpet in his office room. So we had to get that cleaned. And take everything out of his office (which was basically the storage room). And now we get to have Happy Fun Time putting everything back in! &^^$#@

  2. Ooooh, that bread looks yummy! How lucky you are to have a baking dude! :D the book looks sweet to and what a gorgeous quilt your friend made for such a good cause. Ye Olde UPS man also brought us Frozen on Tuesday! Audrey got up at the crack of dawn to watch it, haha, so I've only seen the last half. Maybe we'll all watch it together tonight!

    1. oh ho, don't get excited!! he bakes this ONE THING only ONE TIME a year. but still, it is very good and I'm proud of him, bless his heart. :)

      totally laughing about 'ye olde UPS man'........

  3. Sucks! We've been lucky this week and had some mostly beautiful weather. I hope it stays.

    Mega precious nightlights!

    1. we're having a pattern of great weather, yucky weather....i'm ready for the great weather to STAY :)

  4. That post about bringing the holidays a notch down is spot on. Every holiday is like a huge deal now at school. It's really really annoying. Oh your chicken broth recipes make me want some now. I am so sick of this weather. Just as it was about to warm up, it got cold again and I am now sick and baby too. Oh well, I'll try to think happy thoughts like that beautiful kid's room and the funny with story. I used to be afraid of witches books but not anymore ever since you introduced me to so many fun with stories!